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Monday, January 7, 2013


When they ask you about me
Tell them,
She is being like water
charcoaled in mystery
enchanting her misery
a smoking silhouette 

of a burning shot 
chosen & not
a volcanic ebb and a smashing tide
undefinable  known
like a tear of a stone
that stiff, tender and insane   
she travels around in my vein
a gush of smoke
that i exhale
with all the fire in me
burning her to ashes
she rises from my aching dust
An out of her mind blast
She loves me just
bleeds in mad lust
as easy as her breath
in my silence i confess
all the love words she will never hear
i beat her demons and smash her fear
with my eyes
wandering in her nursing lullabies
Running to her crucified arms
in a hug she may never feel
and a kiss we would childishly sneak to steal
She is my nobody
that i can't live with nor without
My Everything

When they ask you
tell them
she is nothing to talk about
and all the worthy conversations from the heart
million miles away yet never apart
She must be where i shall reach
Colliding sand to my beach
She is a safety charger
and the familiar challenging danger
She is when i am sad
When i am bad
and when i am a stranger
to my own skin
She lives within
between my flesh and bones
a bare queen with no thrones
nor a king

When they ask you
tell them
I whip her soul
with sharpened stares
then lick her wounds
with salty tears
I poison my madness spears
to her brave mind
shoot her acoustic words aligned
She swings in a thought
twirls in a mischievous verse
Steps in a poetic dance
Shivers then fall
hostage to my silent call
immigrating from her humanity
to lay as a savage refugee
between my being and me
in my absence, She is dead
That i revive with a blink


Tell them it is alright
she will forever remain off sight
in black and white
my candled darkness and the Sunshine delight
carved with lunatics insight
one battle that i will not fight
And a lifetime poem that i shall never recite.


Anonymous said...

so lovely dear

Brian Miller said...

wow....that you lash then lick the wounds....there are several contrasting statements like that...this has a cool intensity to it rose...

Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much for the visit and the kind words Anonymous..:)

Yiota Luyu Ladybird said...

I love this, Abeer :) Your words of love are always powerful :) xxx

lucychili said...

passionate mystery

Alex Dissing said...

"She is my nobody that i can't live with nor without My Everything"

Love that line. Immediately brings a girl to my mind. Nice write.

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