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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Soul Stunt...

How much more do i have to give
for you to come back?
i offered countless prayers
gave up all my bad habits
Heart Discipline
Hope manners
burnt  faith candles
faked some smiling bundles
Savagely Crippled the tears
turned in all seasons
your absence stirs
squeezed in anger
in tendered whisper
i roar
what for?
Slapping after your going the door.

With All my power
I failed
as much as i have always wanted
to keep you safely wrapped in my womb
to nurse your pain away
in my heart i wanted you to stay
but you bubbled off
like a mad hurricane
leaving me derooted
Freedom jailed
crushed with reality
smashed with illusion
into collective fragments
perfection ingredients
imperfectly brewed
Stoned softened
Yet, mushing cruel.

I dare you to come closer
in your own territory
one more thought speed
I dare me to rise brighter
in my own incriminatory
one more sinful plead
I would
just as much as you
just as much as you
just as much as we both
enslaved to our own creation
we laugh till misty pain
cry louder in silent vain
you tell
how much soul should i sell
to get you back
Off that track
into me
Out of your reel heaven
and my real hell
for without you
it gets even more solitary
in my mind's shell.

Performing them all
Audience Spree
Safety free
Daring For You,
To Soul Stunt.

Please Come Back...
I am Melting in your absence...
Happy Valentine's Day King Love...


Anonymous said...

be happy dear. this is too amazing, as always. be with love.

Desert Rose said...

Thank you so much Anonymous, as always i am with His love&For His love.

Brian Miller said...

always love the depths of your love...and you make us feel it as well in your i am sure he does as well...smiles.

TALON said...

I hope they return, for how could they not with such passion and love?

Truedessa said...

Wow - I really like your site and the music blew me away. Real nice so glad I stopped by a real treat.

Gretchen Leary said...

Wow. This is incredible. I can feel the anger. I can feel the anguish. I can feel the well written

Timoteo said...

Good to see your work here again on d'Verse.

Desert Rose said...

@Brian thank you so much brian..hopefully he does :)

Desert Rose said...

@TALON i wish in my heart they do..thank you dear one :)

@Truedessa appreciated your visit so much! come more are always welcomed :)
@Gretchen thank you! you made my day really :)
@tim thank you tim! it's good to be here :)

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