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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gourmet For You...

What if you are for real?
and you feel all that i feel
what if your eyes tell?
what your lips forever seal
what if you listen
to all those screams i mutely whisper?
what if you know?
what if you show?
don't answer...
let your eyes strip
be my life nectar as i sip
Hide no more in my verse
Upon my skin, Shine&Immerse
Escape your tree
My phoenix, flee
Spell your heavy burden on me
taking all your pain
i shall heal

What  if we did fool our delusions
and ran out of our heads
to the vast space of truth?
what if i am not just a woman of paper
and you are not only a man of  words?
what if we are more then a fired sigh and a locked tear?
what if we beat our fear
rising off our dreams ink
riding our wildest stare to blink..
i hear you coming
steady steps out of my smoke circles
bare feet
like a crazy heart beat
every bone burst is a delight
that i would like to taste
Head to toe
of you i touch to know
sculpting your every vein
shivering fingers around your mane
but i dive
as deep as we strive
to your lips
i arrive
what if i live there?
upon your lips
i will pay my rent
kisses to your every vent
wonder about around your cheek bones
land on your chin
dance as you grin
holding your aristocratic nose
closest to my scented chest
registering your aroma to my breast
deciphering my ancient spell
as i gently drench in your sweat
lines of pearl upon your neck
what if we rise off the ashes of rights&wrongs
fly around in Nightingale songs
what if we don't have to pretend we care less
what if we plead guilty
and be sentenced to an eternity of bliss
but then we unintentionally still ask
wonder, ponder and hope
what if i love you  more then that?
and that i do
more than your eyes ask me to
but let the questions be Honey,
as still as the wandering wishes
Your mind is Too lusty  for answers
and i am nothing but a foolish question mark.


Brian Miller said...

i am nothing but a question mark...nice....i like the breaking out of fantasy as well..what if it was our reality....although if what i wished at times came true i would make a mess of my life...ha

scribblywriterly said...

I posted a comment here. I need to learn my way around these authentication stuff. seems it did't go through. anyway nice to see someone from Egypt.,

fondness well-expressed in the poem. not sure if it's fantasy. but doesn't mattter.:)

Desert Rose said...

Brian, always a pleasure to read from you thank you! :)

Desert Rose said...

@scribblywriterly thank you for the visit :) hope you enjoy the ride :)

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