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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Velvet Desires...

So much of you i want
That i can't even dare to ask
wearing my love
in a Heart Stunt
i live 
you seem Ocean quiet
boarded on your wandering mind flight 
Drifted within the misty twilight
Food arrives
whatever they serve
gets dipped in your delight
And i stare..

I want to be that silver mug
Your fingers tenderly hug
Your lips greet every now and then for Coffee
and be left yearning
for the next roller coaster of Your Caffeine pleasure.
i want to be a pair Red Tag Heuer specs
you hold before your Hazel lethal eyes
to grace the world with your sight
Then be scarcely dangling against your chest
Drunk from the scent of your skin
I want to creep in your within
as private as yourself
be that warming beanie
where your every hair gently sleep
be a secret you eternally keep 
left on your heart special shelf
and may be forgotten
but there..
in your somewhere..
i want to be that burning cigarette
you hate so much yet you kiss
and feverishly taste your lips
i want to be that hell you run from then miss
Your good deed
and the Sin you repent
i want to be where you pain the most
to take it all
catch as you fall
Your truth if you dare
i want to be that shadow you chase
and lean for your reach
i want to break into your tears
lick all your wounds with my fears
Bleed your darkness in me to shine
i want for once to call you mine
i want to be where you never see me
when you are all i ever see
I want to be that thought you drop
I want to be where you can not anymore stop
I want to remain within your dreams
those you hardly remember
and for once touch your laughter
And kiss away your tears
On the margins of your mind
i want to scrap my name
Read what you never write
listen to what you don't say
Hold your beautiful head as you sleep
So that whenever you feel lonely
You have my Bosom to call Home.  

So much of you i want
So much for you i won't.


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