Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Every night i am a Devdas
Drinking my longing
to tolerate this life without you
and to forget every moment in this life
that is not with you
so i remember it all
there is no moment without you
nor a breath
then i drown in my hope and despair
drawing your name in the heart of the air
and kiss you in the air of the heart
with every sip of wine
you are mine..
when i repent,
and when i helplessly,
to your absent presence,

Every night i am a paro
chained to my pride
laying in my solitude bed,
by your left side 
burning in the cages of my desire
whips of guilt bleed my soul
every night i hear you call
even when you hopelessly retire
i become the lantern and the fire
beneath the cold sheets i weep
tears that smile on a scar so deep
caressing tenderly the bruises of the soul
among my clouds i hide your moon
broken like a separation tune
and holding on like a solid performance
of an Ofilia or a Juliette
in our lifetime dream Shakespeare play

Then Every night i am a Chandramuki 
giving flesh and blood 
to the dust of the wind
spilling every word in the your comings wine chalice
every drop is a universe of bliss and malice
every hair splash is a whip of yearn
salt in the open wounds, Her laughter
A melt in the golden pounds, Her whisper
A lover beyond the love tales
and a beloved beneath the curtains of virtue
and ecstasy.

But every night i am yours
a sip in your drunken fantasy
a trip to your awakening sober mind
every night i am your super moon
your hardest monsoon
your wet drift
i hide within your lips
And rise playfully upon your chest
every night i am your sky
Anything for you i become
the wooden stick to your drum
to your empty cup, i am the Rum
when you call, i hum
a love beggar at your iron gate
and a Shahrazade for your thousand and one lifetimes.  


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The Bizza said...

Beautiful, sad, desperate longing... I feel all of this through your words.

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