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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brain Curves...

You walk into the large sky of my mind
bare soul
to the echo of my call 
you rise and fall
upon my bosom 
like an exciting beat
at the marvel of your presence
A phoenix of hope 
and a magician of my desperate destiny  
holding the shy moon in your eyes

weaving of the cloudy dreams for me
a crown of pain and pleasure
Dancing with every star
on your way
they sparkle for you
and i shine
when you do
Heart drums roll
with your every breath
milk and water
in your coming closer
amidst the twinkles of my yearning
i inhale your aroma
upon my skin 
drenched within
soaked wet
in formless set
as you dangerously roam
Exposed, in my fertile mind 
Sat Nam...

Eyes closed on you
i attend to my pleasurous fantasy
wearing your every word on
in a twining of the creeper embrace
with all your secrets to chase
i am your veil and lace
intertwined in a climbing a tree
and enhanced in the heart of a bud
watching the congress of the crow
we bend and bow
lay in the hiding and the show
swept in the passionate nibbles
collected with the colorful pebbles
we, all the dos and don'ts
 the unconditional, the arrangements and the excitement
So darling, its just a plead
from the lover who is thirsty by your well
if only you can tell...  
Don't let the earth turn clockwise
without me
with you
Don't allow the waves to rage and rise
without you
in me
Don't appear in your magnificence disguise
without me
within you

Leaning on your silence
My mind roars
my heart soars
don't ever go that far
without me
within you
And as i get soaked in your  Rain
let me heal your every pain
Then watch me burn
at your feet
call my name once
between yourself and you
i will be there
a scattered line of prose
in every blooming rose
fired in your burning sigh
i kiss your lips with my restless verse
and feel your quiver in between the alleys of my brain curves.


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