Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


His eyes had black gloom
like the beginnings of winter
this dark and unfair
like my ruined eye liner off his stare 
we met in a daring glare
true like the prophecies of all the prophets
delusional, like the highest hopes of despair
and i loved him in my own fantasy 
riding his mind wilderness everywhere
he wasn't an ordinary man
and also his time was different
He is when men are made of light and lust
when flesh is of his incense dust
and blood is but drips of mist
He doesn't look yet he sees
speaks not words but soul breeze
He parts his lips for me to breathe
and when he blinks, 
Heavens pose 
and the tongues of Hell freeze 
in between his arms 
a Home
upon his chest
the whole universe lays at ease
He is my million miles away childhood best friend
and my closer than a heart beat ache 
He is when i dare to dream about him
and when about me he would never share
He is what we are and what we were
when we don't give a damn
He is when we are so obvious
and when we don't show we care

So let me take you to once upon a time
you came...     
that cold day ruled by cognac, Coffee
and water droplets symphony
of rain
you were burning coal
lava fall 
you were something that is nameless
and scared
you weren't that abs flaunted doll
nor that bearded demon on the lose
like the other dramatic yous
you were a savage beast with beautiful skin
a virtual undercover sin
made of fire and tin
you were not a gentle summer breeze
but a tremendous devastating earthquake
ragging in the gentleness of my soul shake 
you were when nature got angry in love
you were that dangerously secure
an allure
you were not that sweet treat
but a black stallion nibbling on the wrinkled sheet 
It was a mad November without brain
it was as dry as your mirage 
and as wet as my seasonal rain
the grass was left as raw
and you in a first making love show
spelling on my body alphabet
letter by letter
it never felt better
having you that literately handy
you never missed a word
not even a typo you could afford
in your eyes, there was lightening
promises and thunder
in your eyes there was laughter
and on your lips a storm
raising your sails and my anchors
your boat took off in my ocean  

I didn't exactly realize what was going on
except that beneath our weights the land shivered
the walls, doors, cups and the paintings shattered
even our papers flew
to where we were only red and blue
i didn't know this village bell rings
nor heard those feet steps on the bleeding snow
how could i possibly know
and i was nothing but a scream
with a bladed edge
setting fire to the frozen heart
you, my eventual exile
and final port 
you pull me of my trembling hand
before i get swallowed by the big sea
of oblivion. 

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