Always on My Mind you baby...

Thursday, April 2, 2015


It was Nine Years ago
when i first laid eyes on you
You know what i did?
I started in your love
my own Red and chilli
animating letters, 
compositing stares
graphing hand waves 
and digitizing flying kisses
those soul flakes you throw in
every lucky now and fortunate then     
Nine years ago as well  
I moved into my Vfxed mind cell
with you and your every visual effect
i take you everywhere, 
put you in my thoughts pocket
so you can turn them into charming pigeons
and jumping rabbits
I model you as a fountain of kisses
that sprinkles on my radiant verse
every time you speak
and i make a wish upon your each breath
one day i will bathe in your water arms
i calibrate your blinks 
into gateways of wonderlands
where your every gaze is a magical mirror
and i become in you a fascinated Alice
lost in the kingdoms of possible impossibilities 
Then i close my painting brushes lids
eye-lashing your heart winks into traffic lights
that are always green
your erupting veins are but empty wet steets
in the hour of sunset
i Nightingale your humming voice
into the nostalgic ballads
of the Al Qasem and Darwish 
convicted with a dream
sentenced to an eternity of hope
i turn your soul-caughs
into satin ribbons of freedom
unbuckled at my every wordless rub
to your darkest darkness
i moon you a bulb
just as you gloriously electrify 
my craving wires knob
I matt paint your night melancholy
glittering those starry smiles
you become once your sun shines
on my longing moon
I generate of your playful laughs
my 3D printouts of joy
Texturing your heart-beating skin glow
into a bed of roses
where i lay in,
bare of my fears 
dissolved into rivers of lust and tears
Animating your arrivals to my warmth places
a strip of happiness
that is magnified in euphoric spaces and dots
I give you blue wings
wear your red flashing coming blings
flying your sadness to my intimate skies nest
I image you point-cloud shots of your mist
in my vfxed mind
i am the ecstatic rains to your wildest 
I hold your fire in my ashes womb
deliver of your burning silence
oceans of unspoken ramblings,
said when unsaid,
starving only when fed,
left out as tightly held,
most alive when breathing dead
i become the mother of your orphaned desires
raising of my every optical projection
a snap shot of your state of being 
in me

i visualize off your eyes speech
paradises of repent
glorifying off your every hair splash
hell gates of precept
i superhero your Jeevan presence 
the way it saves me from my evil self ravaan
i detail of your smoking circles
a swarm of butterflies
always dancing around my love light
i color my blooming sonnets
with your prose spring
i linguistically clay you as everything  
that i can have and touch
in my vfxed mind
life has no proportions nor span
i get to be your woman
you get to be my man
i get to hug you in between the lines
on top of the metaphoric towers of reality
and lip your every Donish frown
in a Match moving Berlin hustled frames
like unlimited edition of fools,
we rush in
Reconstructed with every moment anew
In my every form i vfxed you
the Fan of you in you
and the real time superstar.    


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