Always on My Mind you baby...

Saturday, December 1, 2018


He must've graced this space
Down the stairs of the plane
something felt insane
but sweet...
There, must've stepped his Golden-Goosed feet...
and hugged as tight, our souls every time we mind meet...
my burning sighs on repeat..
like his latest ballad in my headphones
as i live this life and as long
only to him, i belong
they thought it was the handbag i am dragging...
but it was just my beating heart, love-lagging...
Ah! he definitely stood there!
for a security point-check
may be on his soft cheek, from another lover, a peck
and fast on this electrical line
he probably had his fans align
just like my at this vision of air, gushes
out now at last!
also, like yours, my hand to my pocket, rushes..
a fire spark and the smoke rings fly
you go only once they say,
so i must do all my wrongs as right
then another one as i, like you, glarringly hid my sight
Me to myself, suggested
as we usually know,
a long black one on the go
a bit chilly outside
so i slipped in my mind hoodie
and scarved my visions of you around
here, you may have took a turn
waving the distance into your own car of time 
i see them, asking about you the howling wind,
the widow park trees of longing
and singing in your name, the street,s as they take my feets's hand,
while they cheering along, dance, the traffic lights.
In the city of your love
i spend my day window strolling
for your wordily picks
hanging out in the small cafes of hope
and fancily dinning with dear expectations
as high as it gets, i do..
painting it all red, my town of wishes
and getting you something special from the universal mall of wait.
there! see!
they do tell about you, these sidewalk shy roses of ecstasy
with my every thought of you, a bloom
a bride is my poem with you as your eyes reciting it, groom...
perhaps you had here a drink or two
the shivering glass in my hand tells
as my mouth, your name, bean-spills
was it the same darkness?
you last time here, with your being, witness..
and Zeroingly, lit!
how could it not be the same, the night!
Me to myself, suggested...
even the moon at me laughed
i shrugged and held my love shawl autographed
what do they know!
that silly sky and n-9 cloud..
i called you in my heart, then aloud...
may be tomorrow then..
Me to myself, suggested...
seeding my hope hopefully, within
as i to the grand lobby rushed in
"He might come down for a photo if you can wait"
my heart skipped its every beat...
i felt the breeze scented your coming,
that must be how you smell like
and the marbled floor gardens at your spring arrival
i slowly turned my head
a silent tear off my smiles siege, fled
as you came closer to where i am
posing with the other woman with the cam
and they finally...
took the shot.

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