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Friday, June 3, 2011


Wearing his heart
The G.One
Is the moon
and the Sun
Flying All around
The Protector
The One
Taking off from

Rising with humility
Shining in his Humorous wit
Too fit
For a kiss
and the warmest hug
His name dance in their cheers
From the heart
It is only the start
Of Eternity

Next To Chandigarth

Chilling breeze
Spirits at ease
The beautiful crowd
Roaring out loud
for the Master
Their own king of laughter
at his warmest look
as honest as an open book
He sets the next level
and On..

In Delhi

Words flow
where the heart grow
The Delhi Boy
Still feels Home
within the memories
To bring it All

Louder applause
shutters beg for a pose
Dimpled smiles
His million miles
always start
with a One step
And Goes..

SRK goes city hopping to promote RA.One by SRKdream

From Indore

Simple black Tee
Denim jeans and shades
One more Question they say
The guy gifted him a book
his mother wrote
words tingled in his throat
He said to give it to the superstar
right from afar
His eyes glowed
once again
Then On..


A jubilant arrival
the crowd was hysterical
dancing on his tunes
Riding their dream dunes
touching his glimpse
following his steps
He smiles as always
even though tiered
his energy was wired
wits and fun
Through the night
in Ahmedabbad
He was the Rising Sun

And On..


Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

keep Your love to Srk

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the love my dear poet.

Desert Rose said...

Thank my inspiration, that Only He is Riding my dreams and living in my words.

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