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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be well..

Then i felt the pain
in me
crawling in craving ecstasy
spinning around my every cell
so much of what your smiles don't tell
beyond the dark shades
your eyes were like fire grenades
smiling still
damn this will!
what you don't show
is all i needed to know
screaming in my silence
May it be me in pain
and never you
May it be me in vain
just for you
Rest within my healing sheets
just lay around its warming pleats
curl in among the loving words
let them beat these roaring swords
of disguised Resistance
so heavy is my heart

Float upon the surface of your mind
Be your own fast forward and rewind
you are life for me
as strong as it can be
yet as beautiful
you set me free
So, only Yours
Forever and more
a sea with no shore
our infinity

Be well
Break every weakening shell
My Little prayers weave your name
All my words just do the same
invite your power
to a healing test
let pain know you are simply the best
surrounded with so much love
My superhero will definitely
and..Be well.


joanny said...

Hello Desert Rose:

I have not forgotten you -- life has been busier than I would like...

Your poetry is as always and will always be beautiful & intense with passion filled with a burning desire, that makes a heart light on fire,


The Blue Periwinkle said...

That was nice. :)

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