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Sunday, June 5, 2011


As tall as dreams
Trees dance
at His breeze tunes
Roses bloom
shy as a groom
He steps in
Sparkling skin
Humble smiles
kissing flies
From these cheering lips
To His heart

Giving back to his land
It has always gave him a hand
Beating as fast
Her heart in blast
ran to his eyes
All these whys
rest in there
in Her everywhere
He resides
Hidden and seen
Her own shining

Holding that yellow lantern
Her book in the other hand
It is now past seven
yet she has light
Life now feels alright
"One day
i will become something
and provide my own rays of hope"

Talking to his photo in a frame
By the side of the wooden bed
A grateful "Thank you".. is what she said.

Villagers talking to Him

SRK speaks to the villagers by SRKdream

Green tryst with London

SRK's green tryst with London by SRKdream

1 comment:

Joop Zand said...

A fantastic (green)first picture,
great work.

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