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Friday, July 12, 2013

Isis like...

No limits for my insanity
nor borders
to my sensible mind
as much stupidity as  i actually commit
none of them is ever set
anxious you are of my extremity
of the roses my darling, who gets shot?
this is me
from the day i was created
my smashing femininity
my burning squashing intensity
hit by thunders&mighty lightening
my shores roar
the day i am in love
spreading my veils
inbreeding my hairs
exposing my veins
as my savage rivers mock
the highest dams you built
when my love floods
i drown universes
erase heavens and hells
to drench you in my own honey wells
moons and suns i shutter
To our love i give birth

Don't just stand there still
before my hurricane
for i am a woman
whom when in love
 is out of her mind
here i am
before your soul
fearlessly colorless
mightily helpless
naked of my being 
but in your heart 
my love is my winter
This warmingly favorite
if the winter gets over
if i don't get to drink your blood sober
committing love as suicide
lustful guilt in collide
as i walk on the sea water
of your coming...

My love is childish,
that if you touched my waist once
i would fly between the sky and the earth
don't judge me for my nonsense
for without it
i am a  butterfly of stone
a rose of paper
and a senseless white sheet
Sultan of his thoughts
write on my wrist
sign on my each breast
write on the awakened eyelids
on the winds
on the rains
on the murmuring waves and their ebbs
write what you never say
object to my court
as i appeal to your imprisoned humming

My wish is to be a letter
a question mark
a tiered comma or a hazy dot
that your fingers would spot
i would
if i could...
the man whose love have set me free
of time's power
and places' control
if you only knew
how fascinated i am of you
how excited, safe and beautified
all my complications simplified
in your arms
scented nicotine and passion
like a patriotic soldier on a mission
your skin attacks and conquers
you, hiding between the words
implanted like an oak in my depth
do you even feel me?

Of that pen in your hands
i get jealous my love
for it happen to touch your fingers
like the spread sheet, my heart lingers  
jealous of the smell of ink
of the lines you think
of the silence you dive in
of the chaos your eyes behind the shutters create
i get jealous of all those love letters you write
with spreading arms and a dimpled sight
i get jealous of that coffee mug handle
of those slippers, trousers or cigarette 
and those things you personally handle
i get jealous of the air you breathe.
I get jealous of my crazy poems,
when you happen to read me

You my love,
laying there at the end of the world
do you remember me?
that woman you shaped of sea foam
of rubies, corals and of chrome
i am the one you would call with a blink
an unwritten verse,
and an unfinished drink 
that you unwillingly left
at the corner of your mind.  
Do you ever see me?
your very own masterpiece
sculptured in my womanhood
Venus like or even Isis
wherever i am is a genesis
night falls in my flying locks
pomegranate full rip round blocks
inviting your imagination demons
to pleasurable dreams seasons
and the banquets of pain
my Osiris,
This is your Me...
Healing fantasy 
your magical refugee
collecting your fourteen pieces 
to get pregnant with our life
Delivering hope out of the womb of irony.


Anonymous said...


Desert Rose said...

thank you Anonymous, but i would love if you translate it to English?

Brian Miller said...

ha. i love this...i like thee punctuation section...jealous of the air you breathe...what a love eh?

Desert Rose said...

yeah Brian...the love of my life

Anonymous said...

I love this whole entire poem.

Excellent crafted writing...:)

Anonymous said...

That's one lucky man - I sure hope he knows how lucky he is. There is something of madness in love, isn't there?

Desert Rose said...

@Charliezero thank you..i am truly humbled :)

@rumoursofrhyme love is more about madness my dear :) and it is me the lucky one to have had the gift of feeling such overwhelming love, He is my life blessing :)

ayala said...

Beautifully penned.

Dorianna (paintswithwords) said...

love the intensity and passion of this poem

"I am woman" expressing the entire giving over of herself to love, the depth, foolishness, desires, cover it all

my fave line giving one over as if suicide..isn't that how completely we love

beautifully done

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