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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith Princess...

She rushed into her coat
of belief
tenderly sun kissed with hope
beating her steps
to where he is
road seemed longer
black seemed colored
all dreams just got aligned
what to say? what to do?
it felt too miraculous to be true
reaching where his aroma reigns
this moment will forever remains
as alive as his breath upon her face
as loving as his tightest embrace
all the world happened in his presence
then it paused in his hands shake
her loud silence screaming,
That his voice gently is to break
with sight in her fingers
her soul saw his features
touched his golden heart in a shivering brush
hiding in a lifetime hush
invaded with his masculine musk
suddenly melting within his dusk
when God thought love
He made him to be The love
as the angels smiled,
his dimples flashed to shine her darkness
she saw her life upon his skin
painted the days with colors of his words
keeping his moments in her little heart
reborn out of the miracle womb
as his fairy tale princess of faith.


A special dedication to my lovely princess @CarolineZeder
May your life always shines as bright as this awesome day
with all my love to you both
you are the real angel in our lives
keep being this beautiful
only you can make miracles happen
in a dimples flash
and a tight hug.

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