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Friday, November 1, 2013

I Wish You...

By the side of your silence window
I wish you...
flickering on that cake i made you
i blow your Birthday candles
as i wish you...
tasting my longing in a chocolate bite
taking to your heart my loving flight
for i wish you...
sinking in cinnamon darkness
wearing our still times' fancy dress
hair splash gently on your face
you are the winner of the race
just like i wish you...
you do
what to do..
when this madly, i wish you
So, i love you
As we dance
Desire whipped
we melt...

wordless by your glamorous verse
i invent my own
prose at your frown
to touch you without a touch
to hold you as long and much
melting all the barriers of reason
with my quill dips
kiss after kiss
verse after verse
what more of you i miss?
how much for can i wish?
my words plead guilty
at your marvelous tongue
humming for your day
my happiest song
in countless breaths
as i lay sleepless
in your mind
free as a bird
insightful as a blind
i create you
like a goddess of madness
encrypted by the prince of darkness
Rising upon your scented dunes of flesh
enhancing the bones&the blood
you, my mightiest phenomenal flood
pour in me another year of harvest
race your soul
give your whole
With the beloved,
My Loving Phoenix
You are One.

 Happy Birthday Sexy!


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