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Friday, September 5, 2014

Silver lining

On the edge of his mind
Dangling my heart
like a glittering teardrop
a Coffee Shop
with one client and lots of steam
He Comes like a Dream
to my sleepless nights
with every gush of smoke
i burn him
to the ashes of my hunger
just like he burns me
to the tips of his Thirst
But we rise stronger
around his Tobacco arena
with no feet
nor a tune

Then i blast
of His blue fire
a storm of Desire
and a breeze of pain
and pleasure
At his burst
of my red fire womb
life is delivered
as i bleed,
of a wild seed
grows our love
eternally beginning
our story burns to live
in the desert of our time

In the deliriums of my cocoon
i swoon..
as i touch your hair
to the roots of excitement
these dark locks ablaze
my lips shiver at your gaze
paradise gates loose at your eyes
and hell
i am a sinner at your lips altar
resurrected as your djed pillar of truth
agnostic in the realms of your neck bones
atheist before the hymns of your chest 
flesh swords,
my stares ..
sly.. oh my..

A vagabond lover
at the worldwide temple of your skin
wouldn't you invite me in?
sometimes you need to rest
to nurse of my flames breast
forgive me not out of your mercy
i am ecstatically crucified
with every kiss
i crave and miss
with every touch
i feel and hush
your not saying is a saying
That i euphorically greet
your not coming is a coming
where we feverishly meet
your not loving is more loving,
our hell of a silver lining.  



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