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Friday, November 14, 2014

Upside down...

I wrote this poem for you last night
i had some sensibility left in me to understand
you absence
and introspect about it
but then tonight i don't
no sense is left in me for anything
tonight i am nothing but spilled ink
not able even to think
i am cluelessly helpless 
restless, mindless 
The easiest prey for sadness
So NO...
I thought "I understand
That You are floating a bit
around the Pacific ocean of reasons and wit
devoured by my schizophrenic fears, i still sit 
may be i was sinking at the bottom of my sheet
Beneath the non Mediterranean sea of my solitude
While silence staring at me from all sides
rises quietly upon my lines an island..
a glimpse of you!
having black mountains and white beaches
clear hazel green staring waters
and cream pearly crystal gazing sand
a dark starry sky without land
sprinkle at the thunderstorms of your eyes
lots of heavenly creatures breed in between your eyelids
unknown glowing trees grow upon your eyelashes
tropical monsoons hail at your blink
Lightening of ecstasy strikes in tears drink
Cheers baby, 
Here's to your undercover mischievous eyes... 
until i loved you
seasons were geographical myths
and natural disasters were nothing more than universal metaphors
Until your sunny eyes beamed towards me ,
spreading the earth open
and turned my magmatic core
upside down

How suffocating are the words upon my chest
every time i sigh your vast love 
when i in-scent your aroma
my breath discovers its glory
as you brag in your triumphant coming
with each of your alluring organs
greeting the other
and shaking fire hands with my senses
you almost convince me once more
that your body is the only literal Rhetoric 
and that all other linguistic bombast
are just mere full mouth nonsense
And when you smile at me..
I contemplate at your two delicious lips
like the edge of an abyss 
And i know how could a mouth
become a will for me to fall
never wanting to be found
drowning in your wordlessness,
hanging to your tied up tongue
i melt into some snowballs of infatuation
And when you go away on me...
i write a lot on the sand of your absence
Tracing your fading overstepping steps
upon my aortic longing
years crossing me
one after the other
shaping with its sharpest time blades
the diamond of our love
into the most beautiful star
orbiting around in our non dimensional space 
of faith and belief.

Your mumbling voices blow in my soul
as i scribble this infected verse about you
like the sound of the sea whispers in its secret cave
in the heart of my sheet
i rage in my feverish hallucinations
a self destructive storm of yearning
hiding a river of salted tears within a sneeze
and shaking my entire resistance in a bursting cough 
I attend to your muted calls with a sore throat
riding your dimples flash in an orphan random thought
a sleepless night owl in the wonderlands of your vulnerable immunity
how can you do it darling?
beating all these ill signs of love sinus
with the most efficient Houdini prescription?   
only neither the chains get unlocked
nor the sinus ever leave.


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