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Sunday, November 23, 2014


You are my Home!
where i run to
after a long tiring life day
throw back my Louboutin fears
take off my Victoria Secrets
beneath that Burberry doubts dress
and lay bare in the bathtub of your eyes
scented with your smoking breath
bubbled in your musky wetness mess
petaled with buds of your bladed lashes
the waken waves of my typhoon
with a glass of your salty whine
I purr...
a river of your gazing'flow
in my luscious lurid sea
you may be don't know
can't you see? 
my home of you is fervently doped out,
I have a library in your head
million books of poems you shed
within your words i have a bed
a pillow of your trammeled tongue
and a broken clock that's always eager ahead
i watch My favorite films between your ribs 
cry in the breathtaking climax
and giggle with your thrilling lips locks
at such perfect timing bursting grips
around your bones i cook and clean
lascivious meals of touched and seen
i run around your veins for fun
hiding in your aorta
then rising in the mischievous pulmonary
i laugh aloud when i tickle your abs
taking of your wonderland some poetic snapshots  
for the good memory sakes

So, You see my Home is made of flesh and blood
and breaks
Those you willingly do sometimes
or lets call it for maintenance reasons
as i tell myself when i find your door locked
but while you fix and repair
keep my heart apart its share 
i want of your crumbs
your left over pain, i will take
let me help you sweep
kiss away your tears as you smilingly weep
on your sorrows sofa, let me sleep
play in my dreams'Tangled hair
and i paste my blundered kisses to your everywhere
as you unleash my demons upon your broom
chase away my waggish roars in the corners
of your moonstruck biceps room  
Hold me still
to the firm walls of your obedience
when i can breathe no more
tuck me to your labium's door
show me the moon in broad day light
and burn me with your starry sunshine night
clinch to my vivid mind visions and clasp
grip of me your nursing bosom and grasp
Find your Home upon my bust
and roundabout your handmade furniture,
voluptuously fulfilled only for you.
Loosen your limbs beasts on
evacuate my murmurs at your hairy terrace
and launder at my gunky gardens your moans
meet me at our wanton eyelids window 
as we sink
in a calling blink
and a red lighted high 
Come Home my love!
For The farther away you go,
the closer home becomes.




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