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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Get well soon my love...

I can't sleep.
i hope you are resting. 
your family of words is so worried about you,
My mind life is literally out of control
the adjectives keep asking
And the nouns cry.
The playful clauses objecting
and the prepositional predicates in wonder, 
The verbs are in a mess
And the subjects keep turning around
I am trying to calm the conditionals down
but the rhyming verse is going out of pace.
All The superlatives only humming your name
And you should see the exclamation marks shiver,
fearing your silent dots might hurt.
Every stanza hurling in poetic less rounds.
The whole Alphabet Country is upside down.
It aches much more in my Punctuation town.
Grammar heart demonstrations in your love.
Everything is so worried about you
I am trying to calm the unwell language of my soul.
But there are much more Questions in my Capitals for miniscule answers.
are you ok?

 I can't hold on to my sentences anymore, 
The conjunctives are shattered in the blank,
the chaotic pronouns never seemed more indefinite
And the possessives are just letting go
what have you done to my plurals strength!
it's getting dismantled in singular shots
the poor adverbs planning to pay you a visit
And the participles already ordered flowers!
i hope you understand my infinitives burst
My name letters are dressed in flying kisses
and your screen handle is but an awaited hug
it suddenly feels as tight as vast
Suffocating structures
and on my window pane,
the wind weeps in moisture
My whole elements are sick at your tail.
laying weak at the pale sheet.
Till your coming for a greet
They roar for a shelter 
are you ok?

What we know we never know
Writing in the darkness of light
sometimes we laugh when we cry
and scream out loud in a smiling emoji
whatever we need to get 
can't be given in two dimensions   
in the realms of the virtual assumptions,
we all are nothing but wondering punctuations.
So, Before i bore you more,
Or increase your patient headaches... 
I'll cuddle my agnostic mind in a prayer
Get well soon my love
Rise to beat those passive voices
get well soon my love
pick of my health garden your choices
get well soon my love
give me all your pain
And take the goodness
get well soon my love  
Wordless me is praying for u,
Get well soon my love
for your mad poet's life sakes.


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