Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, November 23, 2014


You are my Home!
where i run to
after a long tiring life day
throw back my Louboutin fears
take off my Victoria Secrets
beneath that Burberry doubts dress
and lay bare in the bathtub of your eyes
scented with your smoking breath
bubbled in your musky wetness mess
petaled with buds of your bladed lashes
the waken waves of my typhoon
with a glass of your salty whine
I purr...
a river of your gazing'flow
in my luscious lurid sea
you may be don't know
can't you see? 
my home of you is fervently doped out,
I have a library in your head
million books of poems you shed
within your words i have a bed
a pillow of your trammeled tongue
and a broken clock that's always eager ahead
i watch My favorite films between your ribs 
cry in the breathtaking climax
and giggle with your thrilling lips locks
at such perfect timing bursting grips
around your bones i cook and clean
lascivious meals of touched and seen
i run around your veins for fun
hiding in your aorta
then rising in the mischievous pulmonary
i laugh aloud when i tickle your abs
taking of your wonderland some poetic snapshots  
for the good memory sakes

So, You see my Home is made of flesh and blood
and breaks
Those you willingly do sometimes
or lets call it for maintenance reasons
as i tell myself when i find your door locked
but while you fix and repair
keep my heart apart its share 
i want of your crumbs
your left over pain, i will take
let me help you sweep
kiss away your tears as you smilingly weep
on your sorrows sofa, let me sleep
play in my dreams'Tangled hair
and i paste my blundered kisses to your everywhere
as you unleash my demons upon your broom
chase away my waggish roars in the corners
of your moonstruck biceps room  
Hold me still
to the firm walls of your obedience
when i can breathe no more
tuck me to your labium's door
show me the moon in broad day light
and burn me with your starry sunshine night
clinch to my vivid mind visions and clasp
grip of me your nursing bosom and grasp
Find your Home upon my bust
and roundabout your handmade furniture,
voluptuously fulfilled only for you.
Loosen your limbs beasts on
evacuate my murmurs at your hairy terrace
and launder at my gunky gardens your moans
meet me at our wanton eyelids window 
as we sink
in a calling blink
and a red lighted high 
Come Home my love!
For The farther away you go,
the closer home becomes.




Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pole Dancing...

It must be their fault!
those damn futile rune utterances...
i couldn't strip in them bare enough
pole dancing on your stage of fire
burning only to the bones!
Calling your name in lyrical moans
May be those lines aren't enough dramatic
may be the words are  wearing less perfume!
may be the ambiguous verse hadn't been the least enigmatic
and the pale metaphors ran out of their glittery Channel lure
its too blurry out of your presence focus
I know i should take these stanzas to court!
after tormenting the teary truth
out of my bogus smile in plastic
and skin
sentence all my helpless vocabulary to death
chock their every pictorial breath
hang them on the gates of your silence
decapitated of their Majuscule brags
or even better.. stab them in their lexical heart
beheading the dots and capitalizing the question marks
in my guillotine of mystical explanations,
and wonder whys.
different ways of killing
the already in your absence,
How can i forgive these calamitous words?
few letters dancing together in the antonyms arena
a tango of curvy lines and circles
choreographed in your silent sighs
crossing your smoking vertex
Obtuesing all your patient acute angles
Then the words got drunk of their own Jack Daniels shots  
holding in their dotty eyes the earth and the sky
my words could fly
but if they don't reach you
then no more wings can ever do. 

May be they aren't too pretty
what a morphological pity!
may be they are too odd
or too even?
should i add some salt
or some sugar?
how can i take them out of my desperate gutter?
to the universe of your smile
how can i give them a fair release
how can i cripple them with ease?
how can i reconcile..
My poor poetic captives
rolling in black lines of longing
on the bleaching cheeks of this sheet
when shall we again meet?
your sparkling stares and the orgasmic ink
sharing a life in a blue lined link
so i think..
Ah! Here it is!
they are just impotent
never hard enough to my arousing verse
that much surging yet falling flat
the words are a hit ball without a bat
to the Euphoric Eden gardens stands of your heart
Roaring off your heart beats the ecstasy 
aiming for a six or a boundary
they keep landing in a dot.
how may rounds do we have left?
this inning has been long enough
the mad crowd is only cheering for more blood.
more poetic wickets on demand
wish i had a mastery rhyming Chand
or the legendary Sachin for an exquisite rhetoric score.

What to do my love?
i am just a nobody gipsy
A nomadic fanatic
an ecstatic dramatic
mumbling in the noisy avenues of your silence
painting with a 28 colors brush
and an endless palette of shades  
but my fleshy words ache
too many literal bruises to shake
you don't wave, hug or kiss
in their fanciest Gucci or de la Renta dress
they are as glamorous as piss
so, yes these words are sentenced to rest-death
if they can't make it to your best-mess
no need for their eloquent trials.
Dancing to your glass like shutters
in the final matching steps suicidal clout. 



Friday, November 14, 2014

Upside down...

I wrote this poem for you last night
i had some sensibility left in me to understand
you absence
and introspect about it
but then tonight i don't
no sense is left in me for anything
tonight i am nothing but spilled ink
not able even to think
i am cluelessly helpless 
restless, mindless 
The easiest prey for sadness
So NO...
I thought "I understand
That You are floating a bit
around the Pacific ocean of reasons and wit
devoured by my schizophrenic fears, i still sit 
may be i was sinking at the bottom of my sheet
Beneath the non Mediterranean sea of my solitude
While silence staring at me from all sides
rises quietly upon my lines an island..
a glimpse of you!
having black mountains and white beaches
clear hazel green staring waters
and cream pearly crystal gazing sand
a dark starry sky without land
sprinkle at the thunderstorms of your eyes
lots of heavenly creatures breed in between your eyelids
unknown glowing trees grow upon your eyelashes
tropical monsoons hail at your blink
Lightening of ecstasy strikes in tears drink
Cheers baby, 
Here's to your undercover mischievous eyes... 
until i loved you
seasons were geographical myths
and natural disasters were nothing more than universal metaphors
Until your sunny eyes beamed towards me ,
spreading the earth open
and turned my magmatic core
upside down

How suffocating are the words upon my chest
every time i sigh your vast love 
when i in-scent your aroma
my breath discovers its glory
as you brag in your triumphant coming
with each of your alluring organs
greeting the other
and shaking fire hands with my senses
you almost convince me once more
that your body is the only literal Rhetoric 
and that all other linguistic bombast
are just mere full mouth nonsense
And when you smile at me..
I contemplate at your two delicious lips
like the edge of an abyss 
And i know how could a mouth
become a will for me to fall
never wanting to be found
drowning in your wordlessness,
hanging to your tied up tongue
i melt into some snowballs of infatuation
And when you go away on me...
i write a lot on the sand of your absence
Tracing your fading overstepping steps
upon my aortic longing
years crossing me
one after the other
shaping with its sharpest time blades
the diamond of our love
into the most beautiful star
orbiting around in our non dimensional space 
of faith and belief.

Your mumbling voices blow in my soul
as i scribble this infected verse about you
like the sound of the sea whispers in its secret cave
in the heart of my sheet
i rage in my feverish hallucinations
a self destructive storm of yearning
hiding a river of salted tears within a sneeze
and shaking my entire resistance in a bursting cough 
I attend to your muted calls with a sore throat
riding your dimples flash in an orphan random thought
a sleepless night owl in the wonderlands of your vulnerable immunity
how can you do it darling?
beating all these ill signs of love sinus
with the most efficient Houdini prescription?   
only neither the chains get unlocked
nor the sinus ever leave.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Strategic Tactics...

My Feelings spelt
dangling on the edge of desire
tossing their breads in the flowing wishes stream
so much optimism i guess 
expecting a large satisfying catch
of some in public intimacy
Their intellectual illiteracy
anchors to the depth
what an off the hook wreath! 
My soul practicing its favorite habit
riding your stubborn stuck sighs
picking off your screams some lullabies
and of your mortal infinities its incarnation
migrating to your kingdoms of imagination
a refugee of love in flesh 
without papers or feet
shaded in the green pathways of your heart beat
fishing for a sign in the mirage rivers you run
offering prayers to the shy moon and the bold sun
my soul is as stupid as me
and as eager  
shall we mate?
make out to our own flirting fate?
you turn on all my hymns into love songs
and i wear your metaphors on in laces and thongs
i wanted to flee from the anticipating paws of waiting
so my every cell bled your yearning beaten
till life dried out on  me
whining on its fertile vignette
calling for a prayer in its corners
i prepared my hungry inches to the seeds of your stare touches
took off all my scars for you
stripped to the bones of the lie and the true
spread my mind in shades of grey and blue
i bruised my soul, just for you...
So Come!
Uncovered like the Tempest
Bewildered within the layers of velvet
as generous as our mind life monsoon  
come to me, as late as soon
don't deny me your aromatic rains,
drip your pains
in my arid veins 
Let your scented sighted fingers play
their melodious nectar of smoke
as they slowly hum in my burning of longing ears
take off those shells of fears,
off your mellow madness
pearl on!
invite your crankiness
Expose your lust of oneness
desert that hiding beneath the tiles of promises
and torture
scatter me
gather me
sprinkle your tainted whispers upon my skin
we're still in the spring of the night
so tell me
how could the snow cover the erupting summits of want? 

Your eyes feed me the forbidden fruits
their fire whips mercilessly bleeding my patience roots
i get dismantled in the random thought shoots 
and boredom is your satanic plant
you grow it in my heart of rising flames
are you still begging?
to the birth of that tomorrow?
with which the wondering Queries got deliberately pregnant?
don't you know it has been aborted
since the early days of this yearning...
So i will destroy all these statues of your silence gods 
i will scream into the wild
and discreet with our horizon of collide
in your fragile strength i will confide
that is way better
than this freezing Tactic shelter
of my self brewing hell. 



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Get well soon my love...

I can't sleep.
i hope you are resting. 
your family of words is so worried about you,
My mind life is literally out of control
the adjectives keep asking
And the nouns cry.
The playful clauses objecting
and the prepositional predicates in wonder, 
The verbs are in a mess
And the subjects keep turning around
I am trying to calm the conditionals down
but the rhyming verse is going out of pace.
All The superlatives only humming your name
And you should see the exclamation marks shiver,
fearing your silent dots might hurt.
Every stanza hurling in poetic less rounds.
The whole Alphabet Country is upside down.
It aches much more in my Punctuation town.
Grammar heart demonstrations in your love.
Everything is so worried about you
I am trying to calm the unwell language of my soul.
But there are much more Questions in my Capitals for miniscule answers.
are you ok?

 I can't hold on to my sentences anymore, 
The conjunctives are shattered in the blank,
the chaotic pronouns never seemed more indefinite
And the possessives are just letting go
what have you done to my plurals strength!
it's getting dismantled in singular shots
the poor adverbs planning to pay you a visit
And the participles already ordered flowers!
i hope you understand my infinitives burst
My name letters are dressed in flying kisses
and your screen handle is but an awaited hug
it suddenly feels as tight as vast
Suffocating structures
and on my window pane,
the wind weeps in moisture
My whole elements are sick at your tail.
laying weak at the pale sheet.
Till your coming for a greet
They roar for a shelter 
are you ok?

What we know we never know
Writing in the darkness of light
sometimes we laugh when we cry
and scream out loud in a smiling emoji
whatever we need to get 
can't be given in two dimensions   
in the realms of the virtual assumptions,
we all are nothing but wondering punctuations.
So, Before i bore you more,
Or increase your patient headaches... 
I'll cuddle my agnostic mind in a prayer
Get well soon my love
Rise to beat those passive voices
get well soon my love
pick of my health garden your choices
get well soon my love
give me all your pain
And take the goodness
get well soon my love  
Wordless me is praying for u,
Get well soon my love
for your mad poet's life sakes.


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