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Monday, January 19, 2015

A 3D Printout...

"My" belated birthday gift
Is as overwhelming as my gifted wit!
Another me in my classical pose
what life poem would you prose,
shining fella?
do you hurt yourself like i do?
what role-plays do they give you?
my people are the best
with all this love i am truly blessed!
But how would they get the years
i could only count in moments
that i don't hold numbers for
How would they taste the sweat?
that had soaked my everyday into night
How would they uncry the tears
i secretly let go of on a demanding shot?
The laughs i had to shake
with the cameramen on set
or those i genuinely break
at an old joke that never got old
and a line that suddenly got headlined bold
what memories would these silver eyes hold?
would these arms still keep the hugs i gave or got?
or this open shirt, would it still scent those dears who left?
what about those steel like ears?
do they echo the loved ones voices 
and the wild screams of love and crowd cheers?
the lips are sealed here
may be like the ones in real
what of me do they spell of what i keep?
and those eyes..would they ever sleep? 
what dreams do they not remember
what hopes could they wickedly shelter?
does this heart beat?
or just like mine, it does weep
the nose is as aristocratic alright!
could it had kept my mother's Biryani smell a mile away
but then i bet the bloody sinus has finally left
no more Aphrin for this lucky gent!
what's there in this unbuttoned shaft
does it hold the yearning of every woman i met ?
the abs i sport hide there ,i bet
in the extreme upper left
does it has as much steel plates as i brace?
What pain killers could it possibly be on for this knee pain i chase?
what make up does it wear for a funny face?
the pant folds are quite impressive
no iron shall ever be needed nor a pleat
and yes, it will never be for anything late!
shining shoes 
frozen blues
but it made worldwide news
just like i do.

it seems as reel as true
a chrome solid me 
One that i couldn't be
with all the knives i had gone under
i couldn't for the life of me
uncry those silly tears my dogs with me had shared
or unsay these wordless words my silence had beard
i couldn't unscar the bruises of my soul
nor get those who left, back with a shooting star call
but this one doesn't burn his heart out in a cigarette
nobody would nag him to quit!
it has a shadow, a light and a silhouette
but what if the days cut him out bare like they did to me
what color would its blood be?
it can still retain cherry lipsticks
but How many kisses would it take for it to blink?
ah..the lucky thing can't too much think
as much proportionally accurate or exact
this amazing 3D printout can't make love,
the way my naked eyes do
burnout in a football game with the kids
or trash my friends in a FIFA blast!
And Thankfully, unlike me,
my silver mate here can't live in my skin
it still can't... act.  


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