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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


You Come as fast as you go
that slow
Yet no where to be found,
when you are around.
your eyes breathe to the calling boxes
And your fingers stare
at the moaning keys
begging for a loving ritual
or a sexual textual
i may not know what you do want
but i do know what you don't.
and by now,
what i don't know, i want..
The not saying says a lot
more than it is about
And sometimes much less.
The answers get questions-less.
The time gets only timeless
Whatever happening with you
is not really happening,
whatever is not, is.
we are preys of our loneliness
we brag we enjoy its every bit
but we are only hanging on
not to fall in the safety abyss
of hope.
We elope 
to the cloaked demons of our fairytale
creating a sad creed to follow 
and an enigmatic myth to curse
That absence is more presence
than you wanted it to be
and your presence at times
wears your absence on
in scented wimpy word drops,
you leave in the air you heavily pet.
rising in a colored silhouette
a sun that is a moon at heart
made of darkness 
radiating light
And when you are water
you fire 
bleeding lava and mist
and when you are here
you are missed
as i turn the whole world off
Then get wordlessly pissed
when you pretend invisible
i see you then...
howling around the clouds
of thirst.

The tears you can't shed nor hold.
the breath you can't keep nor take.
that step you have to make.
with no legs
nor a path
a pacified wrath
that dream you always have
with eyes wide open
that hug you want to give
armed and armless  
this kiss of life
you would die to get
parting your heart lips
bleeding in the healing grips
your hiding in me
is bare.

i am tiered
with you,
and alone. 
Intoxicated to the bone
this is not even love!
even you wouldn't know what it is about 
the closest to the beautified unknown
For what we fear the most
we live
And what we cherish the most
we give
like a hieroglyphic hymn
that we recite on our way to heavens
i call your name
i am revived in every moment you are here incognito
and slaughtered at the altar of your revelations camouflage.   


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