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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Do you still wander
in the turbulent alleys of your Heart 
surfing the longing clouds for shelter?
Do you still wonder?
about this mesmerizing Hypnotizing 
Madly rising in your love writer?
well, in case you are
Just let me try to introduce myself

You know that place you love the most
but you never go
that gush of air you breathe in 
when you know but you don't know
this most awaited river flow
This urge to hide what your covers show  
in some heat felt pole dancing Coffee Steam 

That empty seat in your private jet
where no one dares to sit 
but my poems and my traveling silhouette
that shampoo bottle you never use
this Ralph Loren towels you excessively abuse
So I get to hold your pearls of sweat,
and rinse away your sporting pain
clinging to your windows pane
I hail, like your own petrified rain
like a verse you never share
and forgotten
like your haunting dream 

It's when you can't
but you can't..
it's when you would 
when you wouldn't..
It's when you could
that you couldn't 
it's when you are
that you aren't 
it's when you aren't what you are
that i am...or i seem

Me the gentlest breeze
 like a butterfly wing
and the terrifying savage
like the wildest wind dance
me, the last chance
and your every possibility
 the fertile desert
 and the arid Nile Delta
me Your pie and the Hipta
me, the one who has no features
until you come
i grow two eyes, two lips
and a heart beating off two breasts
i turn into the myths goddesses
For the oracles of your Arrival
riding all your metaphoric winged cyclones  
seducing my mind unicorns to the fairy tales Beam


the one who gets tortured with your silent
and sadistically whipped with your wordless words
An ocean with no shore
A want you will forever sore
the endless beginning
and the journey
the Fire cracking in your winter chimney
The safety of your red pack of Classics
And the tightest hug your fingers press
against that black iphone Safari Scroll
Do you still wonder?
if i have a weight and a height?
some flesh and blood 
if i am not a fish or a bird
i am all you wish you can have'
and lose
i am the tied
and the loose
the healing and the bruise
i am the loudest cheers
and the blues of the blues
i am when it rains fire balls
and when it snows in hews
i am where you can burst and curse
and like a child you would curl and nurse
i am the dead without you
if you know what i mean...

I speak to chairs, cuddle to blankets

and lock lips to screens and posters
i am the sweetest of the monsters
and the one angel that fell
as if you can't by now tell
O My love, we're too screwed to shell
making love to our personified visions
behind a perfect poetic caption and an infatuated twittvideo Camera Lens.

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Julia said...

very tender and touching. Love you!

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