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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mind Dish

They say you can cook!
(You should've seen of me that look!)
what can you ever make darling
other than love?
You foreplay the raw words
into boiling fantasies
Tickle the fresh distance alphabet
into golden Alchemies
Pasta the yearning
into softened strands of rhapsodies 
and chicken the expectation
in your short arrival pot
saucing on your coming absence in a bet
all thick and juicy
Yet as flamboyant,
your coming is as giant
as your hiding presence.
Heavy breaths mixed with pan screen sighs
smokey rings curling with cumin chirp cries
hurling fat fingers of crave
incensing your masculine after shave
with my scented delivering sweat
cooking my love for you in a metaphoric banquet
where i feast on who you get to be
once you are just yourself with me
stripping off the cloak of time
bare to my exotic seasonal mind cooking

 So you can frown
when i kiss you only on the lips
shout at my hands blown
for only touching your bragging hips
you can laugh out loud also then
at my giggling your bursting abs picks
and you can cry louder
in the heart of my breast
you can eat of my home made comfort food
as much as you would ever want
slowly sip on my hot caffeinated verse
smashing all the ticking clocks of the world
no, i won't ever let you french leave  
stilling time in my bosom shaft
you can believe everything you feel then
as your roaming hands upon my doubts skin 
you can take off your shoes at my love temple
and lay bare feet at my lips alter
you can scream in my throat louder
and shut with every stare of you my craving whisper
And when you are not tiered,
you can also rest
just for the sake of it
break all your toys and sit!
This is what happens and it's okay my love!
with all your love you might as well hit
those cuddling lines with your sharpest wit
you can video all your games in my head
win your well deserved trophies in our poetic bouncy bed

For once
i want you to be of you
whomever you that you are not accepting
i want to touch that face you hate the most,
and color with everyday life's make up.
kiss every scar you blush
slow down every speech you rush
for the fear of being understood
i want to rip you off your every Raj and Rahul
and hold you off your own fears' Don
pick up those sparkling pieces you rust
and serve you this soul you seductively torment
back in a simple loving time achievement award   
you are one whole beloved
with all your appetizer small dots
and muted caps  
with all your snack snaps
and main course chills
your eyes may revive and kill
but your unmade up heart face is my pillar of resurrection
and your intoned mind is where i mix with all your ingredients in a making love recipe.




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