Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


to be felt
like pain
your absence kicks 
in the velvet heart
stabs in the crimson soul
in a reloaded Colt commander shot 
i bleed you of you
when you come but you never arrive
when you are around yet around not
i still wait for you
like an orphan star waiting for its moon
in the night of its eclipse
like a birthday wish
that you whisper to the blown candles
of that cake you never tasted 
like loving you. 
it goes on for-the-ever of your comings' Majesty

Waiting for you
me the one who never even waited
for a last breath to come save a life
me the one who never ever knew
Time stops with longing Hearts
like an old shipwreck sinking
in the sea of nonsense
until you come
to storm the Time Harbors away 
waiting for you...  
i wash the clean dishes twice
talk to my neighbor about her new hair cut
that i actually, don't like!
i bake cookies with your name initials
and make mad love to you in a satin blog verse
i get dared with all my doubts 
in your faithful Russian roulette
Waiting for you, i can't wait for you
i can't read freakin Dostoevsky

fly with Whitman or land with Whinehouse and Chopin
i envision Murakami out of his shore
and ask him about you 
may be you have been with Chopsky or Adams
Surfing the Hitchhiker guide of this damn galaxy!
i hold on to our date off Krauss' History of love 
So i check on you at Iqbal and Agha Shahid Ali
i check on you in the darkest of my heart Alley

Waiting to meet you behind the virtual door of Rumi
between the right going and the wrong
i wear your words in a black laced thong
I can't listen to Om Kolthoum hearts my heart out

or Maria Callas' climax in a song
My afternoon Tea with mint gets cold

waiting for you, my caffeinated secrets get bare told
The hands in my watch go only to the left
to a time that is timeless and has no place

and to a universe with no atmosphere nor space
you don't come when you come
and when you don't, you do 
you sometimes rise when you fall
right into my bosom
union of the lonely one and the lonesome
taking off all the moments of wait
naked to the bones of love  
waiting with my linguistic fluffy cuffs
and the poetic whip of my verse kiss
lashing your silence with my lips
and torturing with my native tongue
your worn out waiting, vocabulary  
because just like waiting for you
i haven't waited for you,
i waited for my much desired in you, eternity.

 In me you burge
like an urgent urge
Hard for a word
softer than a word touch  
waiting for my "you" to steam
off the ashes of this anxious cigarette
until i burn to the filter
i see you with my stained finger
listen to you with my wet of a poem's eyes
waiting for you i don't pass the still time
but the time stills, passing me.
waiting for you is how i tip toe on the fire line of hope
hopelessly struggling with my life's convulsing final pangs. 
 Waiting for you,
so that you would come..
only you do as fast don't.



Natasha Asare said...

Desert Rose you are wow!👍

Natasha Asare said...

Desert Rose you are wow!👍

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