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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Butterfly effect...

Look at me!
gaze at what you can't of me
fix your closed eyes in my blurry vision
pick my tear before it drops
lip my eyelids and let time stops
feed this selfish monster
breed in me your special gender
seed in my veins some grains of you
water my desert with your poisonous rainfall
let me die a fertile land
expecting your insanely wise crops 
in a thought of the day long pregnancy 
call my name,
tickle those dimples as you pronounce
my dangling four letters off the heart of your epiglottis
Call my name,
and i shall live forever   
Sometimes we get scared of the things we love
the most
or may be for them if they get too close
we watch with eyes wide close
what we would wish of them to see,
and gaze upon what they truly are
Personalize your stare
take me off every word i wear
grab my verse waist to your prose chest
kiss off my lips all these rhymes i mist
shut me up when i don't talk
breathe yourself in me when i choke
cut me off you.
and let me bleed you in.
love me the most when i least deserve it
or better don't.
i don't deserve it.

Taste me...
as i honey drip in your first morning Coffee 
and inhale my addictive nicotine mind roll
you are capable of everything!
bring me roses of your body garden
sing me a song composed by your eyes
string my poem skin with your acoustic soul fingers
rock on my belief with your heart drums
Springsteen my ears when you are on fire
swing like a Sultan when i strait dire
Joel me love just the way i am
and foreigner the Hero of my jukebox
Prince like face my one shoe Cinderella  
be the beauty to my beast
Disney on all my fantasies
And save me every time i sprint my life's ankle
just like a zaara's veer would do
And if you need to put on some weight
eat this distance in a the characteristic birdy bite
Don these demons in a vfxed fight
Om me in all my lifetimes to come
as i Shanti yours out off my poetic fire
Samar Anand my Meera insecurities  
Raj your Simran out of me
Be the Franky to my Johnny
and the making love Camera Lens
to my moaning celluloid.
Because without you, i become all that i should avoid
an almost made up poem kinda thing
And i know Bukowski would've been in upper case proud.

Look at me, 
when you are not looking
turn my life upside down in a blink
let me touch your chalice spilling off your favorite drink 
talk about me to your burning "Classics"
discuss me to your worn out blue tooth brush
detail my mind curves to your in public greeting blush
convict me with your homicide longings    
count me in your own personal belongings
seduce my resistance with your leaving comings
and bring me on in an anonymous quote
hug me tight in a random thought
ask me out in your book for a date
Oops me in a childish giggle, when you're late!
And when you can't finish your plate
kiss me with your first then interrupting cigarette.
smoking -my real life around you- marionette 
And when you can't sleep,
pillow me in your mushy troubled mindset
nurse of my madness breasts
as i lullaby your forgotten dreams ahead
to the tunes of your miraculous being in me
Telling each hair of you a bedtime story
about an invisible butterfly whose wings are made of light.  

Happy Valentines day my love...




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