Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, March 16, 2015


Not like us,
you speak,
no, you rain.
Of your fullness, 
your eyes are clouds 
and with your drizzling voice, 
you are only as beautiful as you
when you laugh,
the night dribbles
like music to the petals
of the bathing in your tunes,
sprinkling dew
only if you knew
my love...

And if People are scents,
you would be the smell of love,
my love,
scented in sin
and prayers of forgiveness.
You would be the rain of fantasy
Dripping in poisonous reality
you would be the plum of children's laugh
when hands extend for an autograph
or pose for a dream held still photograph 
in the Fan mart
you would be the cinnamon of the heart
and the mint of the yearning
you would be the oriental incense of the want
and the ash burner of nostalgia
you could rise in smoking lines of
my home made cooking mind dish
and in the fresh Cuban Coffee cup
of your face..
in the "Classics" dance of erotic
on your honey lips arena
you would be the bride's first tattoo Henna
on her wedding night
you would be our after years long rose fragrance
first tight hug
you would be the jasmine of your lil one's first smile
and the orange of waiting for your every once in a while
you would be the chocolate of your words anticipation
and the vanilla of my radiant smile at your comings
between the  bragging mango of my body's shivers
and the bursting Basil love made dripping off your gaze
you would be the dawn's first tears on the longing night leaves
you would be the salted sea breeze kisses the wind at my hair
and the lavender of my eyes holding your reflection
for a journey in the paradise of our hell encounter
the pumpkin pie off your lips with every "s" word
and when your craters happily flash sandalwood
you would be the Pancholis of my childlike joy in your words arms
and the balsam of your name tenderly tiptoeing off my soul throat
when you are not here but around.

What do you smell like  my love?
the  Almond of your steps at my door
the ginger of your bare feet in my craving floor
and the lime of your misty rising 
upon my starlit mind
i can scent you off my sight
wearing your sweat in black and white
whatever you sport
i smell
like petals of your love roses
on a windmill
you spill
as i refill
as aromatic as your arrival
in me is your twirl
beneath the weight of our belated blossom
you crumble in the warmth of my bosom
where the scents of
dreams mingle
and tears tingle
within the sweetness of a welcome Home scented kiss.


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