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Monday, June 1, 2015

Meet me...

But if i can't be your crutches
your nagging itches
and strangled ouches
the pain you cry with a smile,
that moment you take every once in a while,
if i can't get to be your backbone tone
your in the middle of the storm, anchor stone
your heart shelter
your until you lay asleep- All nighter
watching over the dreams for you
what use i am my love?
if only i can wear this pain as a dress
that you never see
if i can turn into a time spin
to stop it all until you heal
if i can breathe every sigh you steal
of this roller coaster grind
i would
otherwise i am cold
like a Siberian New year's eve
my heart upon my sleeve
and my soul just,
Meet me
where it hurts
between two pearls of aching sweats
two acting fine smiles
two relieving tears you trap
until they shout cut!
the king of the perfect shot!
beating with his heart the hurt
and on, the lights turn
meet me when you gaze in the nothing
and when the nothing stares back
in a power race track
that you can't win
meet me 
on the bridge on hope
by the river side of strength
with each melancholic breath
in between every two rings of smoke 
meet me in the silence
of your talk
within the dawns that broke
on your sleepless mind
meet me on the boulevard of nostalgia
at the cafe of secrets,
your eyes spill
along the black lines of mine
meet me on the margins of time
When the verses don't rhyme
and the sonnets bleed
when it's too late for the showing off roses
meet me in the fields of scented weeds
between two letters
that i couldn't write
two sighs that you release
in the arms of my eyelids hug
meet me
when you don't arrive
and in your silent presence i strive
when the bones scream of joy
at your catering touches
when it heals
whatever it feels
my smiles on heels
your gentleman jokes on reels
on the celluloid avenue
i will wait for you
wearing your love in my heart
and a red rose
between my gipsy soul hairs.


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