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Friday, May 22, 2015

Things to do..

Laying there
As Beautiful as your stare
in a superstar caption of life
bandaged yet free
rising on your knee
in a Heart prayer of mercy
and Hope
Now that you must rest
lots of ideas pop up
Don't get me wrong ha!
(Or better Do)
my imagination has it all on you
See, you can read those books
you started but never finished,
and bit your friendly ghosts a visit
for a sip of wisdom or a bite of wit
Or watch those films you got Paused
for a calling director shot
Now you can do lots of things in bed baby, 
But at the upper most
You can Replay those beautiful moments of Her,
smiling to you on her way to school.
Or Her penning you her first poem
and then, Smile back
Her magical laugh on a rainy day
feeling in your hand the safety dew
Her superhero is always you
and for her dreams you are the night 
fifteen years old is your sky today
and every other moment will forever be just the weather.

Or You can Close your eyes on His first Step towards you
as Your arms holding him as he falls.
Riding your Heart pony for a giggle
His first Spiderman toy hanging on that cradle
and your sister's red shawl and blue tights
underneath the shorts
as you flew around holding the world
for Him in your time
His first party where you wished to be a fly on the wall 
His cold London Park soccer game 
Boys all nighters PS4s,
Midnight pool stunt
first time on his own, flight
Or On His first trial Shaving Like you
The big one is towering you now
and as strongly having your back as you euphorically cheer.

You'll have lots of things to do,
After your bundle of joy replica
crawls on to you
trying to unwrap the bandages and kiss your pain away
"Just because it's broken
it doesn't mean it's not beautiful"
He said
His eyes are the answers
you spent your lifetime questionning
lots of hugs can heal you
as much as billion of prayers do
Nothing can anymore hurt you
The knight is brave as inside him,
The fight.
Scrap your fears
on his little coloring book
Let your tears off your Image hook
You Have Heart shields all set
and soul wings to soar horizons of sight
You are not alone in your skin
we run in your antibiotic injected veins spin
Hang in there King of His Throne
As powerful and wise
It's another blessing in disguise
Only for the special ones, 
The undercover reveals.
Now see who's at your door
bare feet at your love floor
The universe comes on, the minute they run to you
yet you'll leave it all for a triple warming hug and half a dozen kisses. 


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