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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Theater

What should i wear?
along with your love
colors blend in my sight
i would go for black and white
and keep the shades
for time
i close my eyes every single night
composing floors of certainties
and ceilings of happenings
leather couches of chance encounters
to rest my exhausted fate
dim lights of dreams
and cinnamon candles of belief
my mind room of pain
is well furnished
has paintings of my kalho adventures
and your Dali's of repent
magical steps of hope
and fairytale chairs of joy
a rounded table of expectations   
and some coloring books of destiny 
Scattered poems here and there
across your ramblings library
lots of friends staring off the shelves
Ghalib ghazals and essential Rumi
 Whitman wisdom and the wood of Murakami,
dining on the other side of the world restaurant
and perking with Chobsky of being a wallflower
enjoying the Comic families of superheroes
and a random thought of Nicole Krauss's History of love
shaking hands with every one you touched
when you last time visited for a dusting rearrange
greeted with your amber scent
off the lonely nights of lament
and insomnia.

  Coffee or tea?
they politely ask me
whatever he takes, you can bring me
in his favorite lettered cup
that i didn't dare to say, of course
but i silently chirp
Then the alphabetical air got warmer
all of a sudden
as real as i could imagine
i couldn't even turn around
the breeze of your coming kissed me
and the wind of my quivers, howled
i curled in your aroma
for a moment out of time
riding my wildest fantasies
like an untamed Horse  
i turned to you
standing there, put 
You in literal flesh and blood,
and magnificence
my beautiful soul mate
beyond all my lifetimes of wait
but the words stopped here
only your gaze i hear
and i see but your voice
in your arms i drenched
hiding beneath the alleys of your skin
seeding my long kept kisses in your dimples heaven
then blending those figure lines in one
holding your buried head in my shoulder soil
planting of your hairs my gardens of paradise
and getting healed in the strong arms crash
the years blinked in a tight flash
nothing existed anymore
 the mad sea made love to the reasoning shore
and the world disappeared for a while
our eyes turned into forgiveness wells
raining sins
and running rivers of virtue   
they don't stop nor we care to pray for a due
life got delivered through
in this fertile tear fall.
i don't know what we would say at that instant
nor could i go on for what happened next
the buck here stopped 
in the realm of this hug
it was like i got back
everything that i had ever lost
like i could have my own tomorrows
like i could finally take away all your sorrows  
like i found that magical wand
and i could bring them all back
those who early left
for your eyes laughter, just...
with one miraculous flip
like your tenderness grip
like nothing i could explain
with all my playful metaphors
and eloquent wordily stunts
i just got stunned
It's land's end to me
and i opened my eyes on a line of salt roll
but it wasn't even a dream to curse the awakening
nor it was my subconscious hell,  
it was just you
my heart could tell
like every single time i close my eyes
like you...
the superhero on my sheets and the one man show of my Home theater. 



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mother wintermoon said...

Your writing is beautiful! Love the rhythm of your voice and the name of your cyberspace. Please come back to post again and I shall return to read. Love, peace and poetry, MW

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