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Monday, August 17, 2015


you are in the car
the daylight shining star
bursting my bubble
piercing my quiet and quaint
in a tiny secrets brown box
so you know about the gravity paradox?
in case you don't..
It's when the curve of your neck becomes an ocean of ecstasy
and the line of your lips, a shore for my kisses roaring wave
It's when your every defied hair is a life saving boat
hanging off my throat
dangling around my howling breaths.
as i deeper drown
a little upside down
around your silver lining itching stubble

It's when the cosmic order is but your messy hair at my hairy mess
It's when your eyes shed rising moons and settling suns
and your skin drips shooting stars in the morning
it's when your gaze is thunder and my stare is lightening
It's when i shake and break at a salty roll,
to the nonsense of all meanings and the every sense of your own none.
It's when your sun kissed valley of desires at my eyes rain, blooms.
Drenched in your sweat monsoon, i swoon.
is it too late my love, 
or too soon?
It's when your hiding fingers play my sonata of pleasures
and your wide spread word arms tangle me tight in.
It's when i look at you,
bare soul and chest,
that i lose control
i rise and fall 
and at the worst of my best
i sprinkle in your presence mist
running from the gentle breeze of my mind
wildly embrace your love tempest
What did you do to me, love?
i can't hide where i used to
nor come out of my heart too
i just run away from you to you
as i return your call    
your push my pull
my empty, your full
your virtue,
my sin..

our gravity
It's when you lose control,
my love,
that you masterfully,


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