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Monday, August 24, 2015

A photograph..

It's that time of the night
where you don't know what to do
every one is asleep but you.
and when you close your eyes,
you only see through
dreams watch out for you
and everything Happen
for no reason
i click my mind life trigger
to die alive in a shiver
as you come in a yourself-shot
where your every gaze is a welcome hug
and every stare is a first date
where we meet and everything leads to the other
this is how you to my every poem is the biological father
and also the god one
the way you seductively pose
to the monk-verse and the wicked-prose
Metaphorically uncovered
and literally hidden

The way you see when you overlook.
then you give as much as it took
the way you seal your lips wide open
in a bare chest strip
a wilderness one way trip 
from my mind eyes to your every lip
as you mercilessly set them apart for a tease
the way you are with your fire-blazing self, at ease
the way on a lens caption, you breathe
in a black and white hazy filter

So, you screen rise
in my ovulated mind womb
every time a winning bud
wearing my desires, unfolded blind
in a bare chest bone ache 
The way every skin inch is a world of possibilities
and every erupting vein is a universe of constellations
every  darkened mole is a moon
shining beyond every scar'sun
you come in your every photograph
like a mystical creature,
made of wishes fire and expectations cotton candy
as mighty and mellow
they way your hands swallow,
the words you don't say
in a hand wave
and when you don't shave
every stare back is an unrequited crave 
you freeze the moment in a light flash
but we live in that part of the second,
lifetimes of euphoria.
making to your love a love
words kisses
and distant sighs quivers
Happily Chirping in 140 characters
and making in our mind lives
a love 
out of nothing at all,
and a Photograph.



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