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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


There was once a boy
who walked upside down
the soil kissed his hands
and in the wind,
his legs grew wings
And there was also a girl
who is made off his light
every time he waves his hands
her face sunshines at his feet, 
every night

Bare chest
dripping in his mist
like a mad alp,
growing roses at his lava fall grip
He smiles,
And the land ice,

He wears no skin
brewing fires from within
reciting His night's poetry 
on the flesh
Held by the Northern lights of wonder
as her midnight Sun
in his eyes,

He said,
Bergs & cold,
rainbows & ash
Existing for longer than you can stay.
The night brings a poetry of its own
Using the tired words of a long day.

She replied,
Birds wings unfold
waterfalls in splash
flying higher
than you can sway
the light sings the poet's moan
Humming the tune
of a wandering Sun ray

in verse they light talk
and the universe their breathing, stalk 
feasting upon carnival of coincidences
within their parade of illusions
the lovers make to their love, all the love
hiding beneath the silence of a tongue
and rising upon the tower of every song
the soulmates chirp in sound clouds
and smile back in glimpses behind a glare

the upside down boy roams around her mind on a bike
and spreads his arms to hold every random thought
at her made of his light, feet 
from there, no words fuel needed
only the power of their love light
the black desert is still as vast
and the time path still running, timelessly fast
but the upside down boy and the girl made of his light
had all they needed every single night
lots of upside down love 
that keeps him rooted and keeps her bright
whenever he's blue
she comes for a hue
riding her words rainbow 
and a poem she never published
that he somehow,
smilingly recites. 

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