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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Missing You

 What did we do?
or what is it that we didn't do?

what oceans of wrong doings have we crossed
what winds of right doings should we blow?
for you to just breeze
for our life breathing to breathe

for a little among this hardship, ease
in the fire of our doubts,
we melt to freeze
and the guilt hammers don't seize
beneath your turbulent calmness
what clouds could be heavier
than our hearts cracking in your absence
for you to rain
what mirage could be bigger
than your words oasis
in the desert of your silence
what could be purer than
our rolling tears
on the cheeks of every morning rose,
a lonely dew
drawing sad faces
on your already wet
window pane

waiting for a playful finger
to turn the line curves upside down 
for a smile
what could be louder
than your eyes calling, thunder
what could be more tender
than in amidst all this sadness
your heart made up laughter

in a caption that is the talk of town
unbuttoned under the waterfall
of our longing
soaked yet burning a bit fire
to the time ash 

what could be harder
than love birds chirping in the mute
like a broken flute
where the air just comes in and out
without making a sound

what could be larger than the sky
that holds our every time prayer
in your name,
but our missing you 
what could be more solid than the earth
we grow from like seeds
every time you scatter us away
than our faith in you
what could be more generous than the sun
kissing us after your lips 
and laying from us to your lips,
a caress   
what could be ever messier
than this mess
but your un-defied morning messy hair
challenging all rules of gravity 
and creating its own 
a still sleepy, too early to wake up now! frown
and a half stretched arm reaching out
to an all night peeping screen
in the chase of sleep
fat fingers scroll
almost sealed lips, full
on a hugging smile
minutes pass, then an hour
it's time then to shower
and turn into the other side of the world
another smoke on the way
rising like the first ever sun ray
bare feet steps into the day
putting off the cigarette half but
and aside on the king size bed,
the 17 million love peeping notification screen,
left on.




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