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Monday, February 29, 2016

Fan eyes...

These eyes talk
They move mountains,
as they walk
These eyes breathe
a love that is my life 
and beyond

These eyes fly
with wings of hope
wet with wishes
yet gazing dry
Holding my world
in a stare.

These eyes are my arms spread 
in your Classical pose
They Hug you as tight

They are day 
They are night
These eyes are my light
crashing the gates of your myth

These eyes are my poems
and your prose
these eyes are my soul's expose
at your heart fence,
These eyes are us,
you and me
where you are sky high
and where i long to be
the sun you are
and the moon to me
to you i rise in these eyes'

These eyes are the trips
that i didn't take
the memories that i am yet
to make
These eyes are my dreams
coming true
my ground distance violin
the twirls i get at your sight to spin

and the screams i have to 
at your fence bending gushing flute
these eyes are my "if onlys" and "then"
and for that matter,
my wish i was there.

These fan eyes, 

are time conquered,
my prayers answered,
my fears sheltered
these eyes tenderly 

as they your way, lingered
do kiss and tell,
the lifetime story of my love.



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