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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sounds of love

She asked if you were a melody
what would you sound like?
and your love notes played off my mind
what would i sound like?
my heart lingered...
like the breeze whispering his name
like the rain drops kissing the earth at his feet
like his name upon my lips
like our flowing rivers roaring in depth
like the sun song upon his face
like every dream about him i chase
like all children of the world laughing in his eyes
along with the nightingales of solitude  
like the moon of my pleasure howling at his absence wolf
like the butterflies of my mind flapping their colored wings
at his fingers wordily petting 
like their mad cheers at the gate on his birthday
as if i was there
and the sad tears rolling on my cheeks all day
because i wasn't.. 
like the desert roses ballad at the his smiles monsoon
like how it's too late too soon
like all my dreams coming true
at his sight
may be i would sound like this night
like every shooting star fall
in the space filled of wishes
may be i could sound like the loudest screams of his silence
or the fifteen minutes of quietude at the edge of his bed  
like the thunder storms rising as he strikes his hair
and the turbulent winds whistling, as he blinks 
like the aching violins of my waiting
and the moonlight sonata of his arrival
May be i would sound like the letters
to him, i never sent 
or the poems, about him i wrote
and never read
may be i would sound like the words
i heard of his lips, but he never said
or like the old church ringing bells
at the newly neighbouring weds
like the cobblestone streets of real, waltz at our reel steps
and for that matter, like the lens click cluck of our
never taken photograph
Oh my dear one, what to tell you...
i would only sound like his love.   


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