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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Your Magic...

I twirl to you
and like a prayer answered,
you rise
You make me feel the felicity of all those bicycle rides,
i never actually had
and the fervor of the roads by your side,
my footsteps never crossed
like every bet i heroically tossed
and with my childish belief in miracles,
you proved me right.
The delirium of a moment in your arms i'm yet to live,
but living!
and the delight of having it back on repeat,
every time your eyes hugging me,
The exaltation of a an unwritten phrase,
when read.
and the frenzy of playing on shuffle, words,
you never said.
you make me feel like what i always wished to be,
alive and dead.
You make me live the times that are timeless.
The beginnings that are endless.
like i have never been but fearless,
you make me feel i can!
I turn into my own Fan
When your eyes scream my name
in the pink borders ofa frame
in your 15mn quietitude
and your lips part for an autograph
that i wirelessely to you, scribble 
You restore whatever life made sure to crash
Speaking every truth i hush
and doing to my mind what its butterflies burn for
With you i break free,
out of my every imagination box.
I see my beauty in your guts
and spread my wings in a sky of your in me,
They count you in numbers
when you are just made of my heart
let them have their calculations my love
we are into our love business
that you master with every dimples flash
and eye to eye chase
The Black one on his way 
fierce on my sadness demons
and most gentle to my ,at his pain,
furious rage.

My magic is my magician.
wearing his brave heart in black n white
and a hat.
You bring white rabbits from my mind pockets
i never knew existed.
loving u gives my day wings
like the dove of life
you set free off my soul.
turning my every blink into shutters
to wonderland
i pop of my pandora's box whole
after you shred my fears into pieces
and i proudly stand firm in your eyes
with complete faith in your loud absence arrows,
they never hit me
only your silent presence, lovingly, do.
you hide me in your mind's magical Tux
and like an enchanted rose bud,
at the touch of your wild spring nod,
i bloom   
like the wabi-sabi cherry blossoms
i spin in unfinished circles of wonder
every word you keep inside,
is but a living thunder
that hurls in a quiet smokey sky
and a Caffeinated shelter
playing with the napkins of guilty pleasures
into red ribbons of hope
one dream at a thought
unfolding as you alphabetically blink.

I wake up to you
i breathe you good morning
and wrap  you my hugs around your Northern wind's waist
chirpily fly my sleepy still literal kiss
with the blue bird 
Then i get up, swallow time 
embrace this life 
Because if it hasn't been exactly the way it is
we probably wouldn't've even been.
My Ikiagi you are
and my Shibui.
So, Here's to you in me
the question mark and it's every life purpose reply.  



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