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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

King Love

Lights on
life off
His real is
but his reel
wearing pain
dressed in smiles
the sad boy fled his nest 
chasing memories away
carving out of this angst a way 
with nothing on but hard work 
The sad boy made it to the other side
of madness.

 Across the streets of grief

throwing his heart
into the rivers of joy
shredding his time cocoon
the sad boy became a butterfly
of time.

Nights into days
burning ashtrays
His veins at burst
running lines of sweat
screams in his name
life glitters of fame
a dinner with the president
and a photo with the hotel working staff
the king is his own pawn
of your mind, he'll get you blown 
dancing the wounds
bandages torn
tears of blood
of the rose, he held the thorn
in a Classic waltz
spreading his arms
to hug  the world
that hugs him back,
just as tight
Yet he is bright
riding his dreams on an eternal flight
destination happiness
and the journey is but his plight
fifty shades of his soul shred
his eyes tell what the years bled
over every heart he rules
a messenger of love without a crown
or a bed
and when it's too dark inside,
the sun off his dimples winks
shining over the universes of despair
as he blinks 
Dwarfing pain
Wearing hope, faith and light
a warrior of love and pride
and to our souls path, a guide
Our Superhero isn't wearing a red cape or a mask
only upon his sleeves a heart
and twenty something years of a Decade.    


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