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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Nightingale

Like a soft breeze
in a hot summer day
coming from the land of metaphors
and wearing the scent of poetry
 like a dream coming true
she came my way
as sweet as her smile
and as kind 
dawn within her eyes
we meet in the words sky
and with the wings of love,
we fly
she holds me on
with spread arms of belief
both our hearts by now taken
and we love the thief
the path of life is hard
but paved with roses,
having her around
melting the Tirol snow
with her love
and growing yellow fields of joy
every time she loudly laughs
And when she sings,
of distance, her soul cries
and my heart is but tears roll
baking her my cake of lines
and lighting the dancing stars as candles
O My Nightingale 
blow off every pain
and upon your moonlight
you may now make for love,
a wish.    


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