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Monday, July 11, 2016

Weather boradcast

It's gloomy
on the Alps' hours of wait
on the cheek dunes of my mind state
a little foggy
down the hills of happenings
and over all cold
in the surroundings of happiness
your clouds of quietitude are hiding my sun
pregnant with all my awaited moments
i pray for a shower of deliverance
and may it hails, hugs and kisses!

Because your loving taught me
it can get that warm in winter
burning hot in the middle of December
i read the temperature degrees in your love backwards
since i had been hit by its lightening
i stand tall, as in my skin, i quiver
for once upon a time you wrote me,
a verse of your mad weather
a line that blurs at your eye shiver
a few words of silence
and a long speech of blank
those keep me sanely, insane
but what have you done to me?
when you edited sober,
what your heart had spilled drunk?

You wrote me,
with the kisses that you were its summer
with the dried leaves that our autumn scattered
with the snow that towards you i walked upon its fire,
bare feet
and i,
strangled in time,
like in your absence wind a feather
still rhyme.

I wait for you
with the hanging dresses waiting for their dates
with the dates that await its lovers
with the lovers that had lost the patience baggage
with the planes that has no taking off timings
with the airports that i was the alphabet of its gates
with the gtes that all of them lead only to you
when you wrote me
poems that on the water of belief,
i wait for you
with the yearning of the fasting to the feasts
with the ribbons of wishes
with the longing of my dreams flight tickets
to where you are
with the weight of the hope baggage
as close as far
with the happiness of lonely hotel rooms first morning Coffee
at the anxiety of a turning key
 with the nostalgia of an empty couch
for a company that never leaves a trace
with the safety of a night that is guarding our destiny's nap
in between life's action shots
with the gush of a door that closes on our solitude
when it's that dark in the middle of the day
with my smiling tears
and tucked in fears
i'll wait
for our words to mate
in a poetical embrace
at your brewing gaze tempest love,
it's just my heart turbulent thunderstorm
that your coming news predicted
in the daily "Heart wishes" weather broadcast. 

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