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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Tour

Point of meet
in my eyes
Time of gathering
infinity and a half
by the fountain of wishes
dancing off your waving palms
a waltz of life
my heart shuts off
all his alarms
and goes out to you, bare-beat
on the cobble stoned alleys of want
"come with me!"
your eyes said
in a loud clear glance
i will show you around the world,
of the second chance
come and follow my gaze
get inside the craving maze
here, you can see
what i try hardest to flee
there by the doubts street
where your tears and i
usually meet
and here,
by the tower of distance
where our thoughts fly
off the pink window
in a dreamy greet
and here,
in between my lips
at the statue of silence
that i time built
where i burn my incense
at the fleshy gates of your temple
for a call
An echo in the poetic hall
comes back to me
carrying your heart
in a chaotic rhyme
on the mute.
His eyes said...

Unbuttoned shirt
and a lose tie
releasing shivers
along my spine
off his lips, spilled wine
sliding down the silver peaks
his sweat pearls roll
upon my burning anticipation
lines of our ancient tale
cross on his veins
to my wandering eyes
there in the museum of longing
i stand by his waiting vitrines,
adoring the rarest collection
of his to me, comings
And clicking my eyes flashes
at his every at me, step..closer

"Stay with me"
his eyes said,
not to get lost
in the pleasure labyrinth
of his arms wide spread
in the rooms of love
beating in his bare chest
i got pulled
tiptoeing on the ruins of pain
whatever of you shall remain
blowing my soul in the smoking ashes
and twirling in my yearning ritual
in a heart offering prayer
at his attention feet

"Take your pictures
and let's gather at one for lunch"
awakened at his voice hush
by my nape
caught at his ring escape
"hey darling..are you lost?"
Oh my love,
all my being murmured
I have just been found.


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