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Sunday, September 11, 2016

On a night watch...

On a Night watch
strolling along my streets of wonder
steps of lightening
and stares of thunder
holding the world in a smile
and setting the hearts, on fire
Passing by my canals of yearning
drowning in me every time a pebble
drawing of your touch then, a ripple
and a belly of treasures
Riding in my streets of nostalgia
hopping on my wishes lane
cycling in me all your heart pain
and a path of pleasures
Getting high at the edge of my love
hiding in my mind's bosom
bare to your fears blossom
unfair to my resistance
this all of you with abundance
the thoughts strip
in a touristic trip
off your brown eyes cafe
to the Nine Street of my soul
Posing with the Tulips of my longing
and the roses of our dreams meet
there at your sunshine square
walking on the velvet air 
of my hope
and flying kisses to the crowd
of my roaring heartbeats..
blooming out of my poetic womb
in the playful fields of doubt
dancing on my sonata and your moonlight  
rising like a prayer in the skies of forgiveness
and carving our hugging initials, 
on a patience wall of your own.
smoking life of my waiting pot
brewing in my time-machine flesh, 
your stillness coffee
burning in between my stained fingers
your distant laughter
my loudest whisper
blowing at your silence, the ash.
who are always late and in time
who are my chaotic prose and its rhyme
where i begin and never end
all the letters i write and never send
when i happen to myself
a book dusted on your shelf
and a sleepless night
coming into my world 
giving me of your moments, a herd
Can you hear me?
Would you out of my abyss, get me
spell me once off your mist
and make me in your eyes a nest
take me once in a journey to your lips
show me around your castles of obsessions
and museums of grief
hold my hand to your happiness archive
lecture me about the history of your every pout
explain to my foreign tongue, your juicy whereabouts
guide my name once to your heart gallery
and showcase my love
in a few historic words and a contemporary captioned insta-smile.    




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