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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lisbon Diaries...

Traveling again?
as if you ever leave my sight
but it's perfectly alright!
wherever you fly
my eye is your sky
and my love, your wings
the journey is the destination
and every burning breath,
is but its northern winds  
over to where the heart of heart is
for a hug and an on her cheeks peck of tenderness
some pure love to pack
for when it gets cold and black 
you'll have your own leather jacket of warmth.
Now you're there
in the ring square.
among the faces around, 
i'll rise and hide
before your eyes and by your side  
so Miraduoro de Graca me when you can, 
Ginjinha my cherries in a sip.
Take me within you on an insta-trip,
to your eyes' barrio alto 
onto your heart's no-28 tram
Tejo your moments captioned cam
and stand tall before the Adamastor of time.
As beautifully you rhyme 
with the lost sailors ballads,
upon a Belèm light.

Pick a view
at the Alfama dew
smile back to the artistic Saldanha
and pose by its buildings palette of freedom
by la Praca da flgueira,
get a doll that was once broken
and with your touch,
it became again anew
wearing a dress of happenings
and singing the melody of your hands.

Brewing of your hotness,
into the Copenhagen Coffee lab 
purified at the sea food temple
and cursed at the gates of your dimples bar,
i melt
like the finest pink port
at your words court 
spilling guilty
and asking of your juicy lips for no forgiveness
ahh your highness
i am literary roaming with the shadows
of your shy smile reading this
metaphorically dancing on the tunes of our distance myth
cheering all the way to your rings of insomniac smoke
and sending all the way to you in lucky Lisbon
a long tight hug and the like of a guiding poem.   


He came, He saw and he heart skipped a beat and u Shah..lots



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