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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Winds of change

Of course
everything changes!
from being found in you,
to lost
from loving you more,
to most
from spreading the skies of silence open for your face to rise
to sealing the clouds of wait for my shy moon to hide,
when you do
from calling your name once every breath
to breathing once, every calling your name
from closing my eyes to meet you in a waking dream
to meeting you in my eyes, a dream in a wake
from forgiving you, to forgiving myself
from doubt to faith
and from faith to doubt
a rebellious riot
from my eyes to your glares
cracking the expensive patience lens 
and setting fire to your control windmills
from your detachment summits
to my clinging hills
from the valleys of your mellow
to the mountains of my halt
our rivers run everywhere,
with the honey of time   
from your coming to my heart every time you do
to my heart coming every time to you
from my black to your blue
from waiting all my lifetime for you
to living all my time in your wait
and loving it
from wishing for things to do with you,
to wanting them to
and doing it 
from cooking my mind dishes for your absent appetite
to nursing your mind ever present darling hunger
from your smile to your laughter
that space i write to conquer
and then rest forever in its peace
so you see,
everything changes in me
not tighter, i hug you tightest
not softer, i kiss you softest 
that much things change my love,
which are never ever as they seem to the craziest loverist.  

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