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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Boulevard of wishes...

O the desires my love
i see you
and my sky sparks with shooting stars
see, i had had stopped wanting
then you came with the desires
the bird who had home on the wire
phurrred off
to new horizons of your pleasure
so now:
i want years with months of your eyelashes trips,
Julies of your warm wishes
And Novembers of beginnings that are as sweet
i want seasons with the dances of your lips
the falling leaves of ur resistance
and the blooming fields of my poetic tongue
i want time that only counts at your every hair song
weeks with you that are as your absence, 
dates with your fingers play
and with your sighs, a calendar of hummings  
i want sea waves of your comings
And the sand of all the shores is but
my wide arms opened
i want winds that take me to you
and of your breaths, taking you to me, hurricanes
i want a city with your hints buildings
populations of your face vocabulary
i want full stadiums of your winks cheerleaders
as my eyes to your heart net, score
I want Hyde Parks of your unspoken love
with the happy children of our faith
swinging along
i want a religion where your name is my prayer
and a pilgrimage from your heartbeats shrine to mine
i want of your acceptance wine,
an overflowing chalice
a mischievous laugh
a shivering autograph
on my nape
to your neverland, i plan my escape
a war of your peace
i am asking for
i want invaded towns with your dimples army
and victory parades of your returning home fighter smiles
i want ocean waves of your stares
belief icebergs crashing my doubts Titanics
and your after storm rainbows of grace.
i want your love made
your enlightened shade
winters of your silence fire-bones
and a summer breeze of your burning sighs
Utopian answers of our reality whens and whys
i want honest lies
only your twisted lips can tell
your heaven and my hell
what i'ld buy if u sell
i want nights as long as my wait,
and your want.
i want morning with your coming as sun
i dream of being your every bad habit
your forbidden is in my law, legit!
when you don't get it
just let it...
All i want is a me of you
A company with your solitude
and with my loneliness at your forgetfulness bar, a drink
i want touristic sites of your historic abs
ancient castles of resistance at your erupting vein collapse
and museums for every inch of you only i
can explain
a guide in you for a tour
and a tour into me, you guide 
i want a new wardrobe!
A dress of my last countdown before we flesh meet
Louboutins of my fear
Guccis of this bittersweet tear
and a CK of my Euphoria to your scent,a flight 
i want your light
for the butterflies of my mind show
i want of your exhales , my air
i want you in my everywhere
As i stand in our location Nowhere
Destination you...
flying kisses of my hurrying patience
At your boulevard of wishes.


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