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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Uncountable(s)...

If you are to count your breaths,
taking our breaths loving you, away
count them!
we are more
If you may count your heartbeats
beating our loving you in our hearts
for the life of me, do it!
we are still more!
If you can count the stars falling of your night hair
turning our long darkness into daylight, 
we will outnumber your hair
if you can count the tears
we at your sadness shed
go ahead!
we will always lead the tears chart ahead
If you are to then count the smiles
you wholeheartedly on our faces thread
be my guest!
we are far more than the forum smiles
and your shy to show on screen from the heart, laughter 
and if you even might
try counting of your eyes the light
that made us win this everyday fight
just at your shinning sight
we take over every plight
wearing your love armors
and our infinite in you, faith

Let's see if you can count the love
that made a girl on her sleeping feet, before you, stands
that made a woman spells your name,
with a heavy tongue
that made a simple man work harder
beneath a hanging banner of your words
that made a lonely mother have the world by her side
just because you are
that made an ailing father feel like us as proud
because he has like you, a son.
that made us feel with you, a whole one
together we get this life done!
our battles bravely won
when you simply sun...
and yes tell me, how can you count the fun?
we all have when your dimples at us, get undone...
our love filmstrip is a forever run
released at your every blink
and ruling the numberless-office ever since.
So, let's see if you can be at math that clever
if you can count this heart's every shiver
at the mere mention of your name
how life is never the same
at your every coming frame
if only you could put into figure
how much languages we could decipher
at your encrypted stare
the hope we hopefully wear
at your each celluloid party
where the drinks of thrill are for free
and with abandon are the delights of belief.
and if you could
try counting the hugs
we flesh give or soul send
the bleeding wounds your healing love signs mend
the virtual arms you linguistically spread
made the hard times before our power then, bend 
only you can comprehend

our love can't come in numbers my love
and like you, i am that bad at math! 
though we are twenty seven million lovers by now,
and counting.   



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