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Monday, September 7, 2009

The loaded gun..

She is crawling on the remains of the past
Falling in the hole of the doubt
Breaking the rules of pride
Screaming her confusion out
What is it all about?
Is it a call for hope?
A hanging rope
Desperate shakes
For old time’s sakes
When it was all a blast
With fading memories
She pulled the trigger
Her heart would shiver
Her gun was loaded
With unforgiving mistakes
And if that is what it takes
How much more bullets remain?
Shots of pride
Smokes of pain
She weaved her own shroud
Spoke her silence out loud
Now that she is there..
It was just everywhere
In the broken mirror of her soul
She saw her fall
Wrinkles of the eyes
Facts that she denies
Her burden of pride
She just put aside
She loaded her gun
With bullets of hope

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