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Monday, September 7, 2009

The unfair questions..

What is fair?
Which mask to wear?
Which cloud to ride?
Which impossible to dare?
And i sigh..
Passing by..
A dried old rose
Between the lines of the "why"
Old and shy
Scented with the memories
Encrypted with the melodies
Can I fly?

A tiered question mark
Fading candles spark
The incense of sins
Is purifying the dark
Blessings of a cry
And i fight......
No, don’t turn on the light
I have no more words to write
Enchanted by the tears
Holding my soul tight
And i smile....
I set my own trial
Convicted with your existence
And sentenced to my eternal resistance
Can I be the rule?
And the tool?
The wise?
And the Otherwise?
The sick?
And the sane?
The desert rose
Dying from the rain?
And i stare
To the “nothing” i should wear
To the naked truth
Knowing that
What is just unfair..
Is the only fair enough.

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