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Monday, September 7, 2009

That ring...

She rushed her steps to the door
Flooded by the wet wooden floor
Her bag fell down
Scattering her life
Revealing her strife
She leaned to collect her stuff
The days were more than tough
Then she saw that silver ring
So many memories it could bring
Why is it still there..?
Why is it still everywhere..?
She kicked away her angry tears
Relocked the cell on her growing fears
By the window, she took her seat
Surrounded by the memories attack
She ordered her coffee
No sugar and black
Watching the drops of rain
Dancing on the tune of pain
Another couple rushed in
Holding his girl within
His coat
The smile died on her lips
The knife ran to her depth
Their eyes met in a second
That turned the world around
They picked the table on her side
She finished the coffee
And swallowed her pride
Held the bag and spread a wing..
But on the table..
She left that ring..

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