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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chaotic dreams...

Dipped in your scented lines
each word becomes you
reading your signs
strong &fragile
forever&for a while
set free
without a trial
chaotic is your love
Stripping my dreams
on your late night floor
one by one
you fall with every one
deeper within my madness
Bare soul,i catch you
I know you feel me
your silence kill me
let us be a man and a woman
nothing more
let us love each other
the sea and the shore
with the logic of insanity
not that one of virtuous clarity
we can not come out of the darkness of ink
to sink... in the darkness of the night!
I would ask for our love to live
in the legitimate plead of light
I want to see you
like nobody has seen you before
I want to touch you
there on the deserted side of the shore
I want to tell you so much
without having to say a word
in my silence i want you to hear me
like i feel your tears when they soak me
love me without questions
without answers to give
love me because you have no options
but to be in there and live
be mine
for it was long time ago set
that the skies celebrate it
with the yearly monsoon.
love me and win your bet
with the fate
it is never too late
for the starlight to embrace the moon
for the dreams to once
dare to come true.


One Stop - The Place For Poets & Writers said...

The dreams are glorious and anxious wanting and not wanting to know.
What a lovely poem about seeking the answers to love my dear Desert Rose

Glad you shared this with One Shot

Smiles from the Moon

dustus said...

Emotionally stirring love poem. You mention a moonsoon, which sounds like a perfect description for the outpouring of lines you've written. Always great to see you on Wednesdays, Abeer :)

TALON said...

"Stripping my dreams
on your late night floor..." - that was so powerful.

To love without capture that longing so beautifully.

Monkey Man said...

Lovely romantic expression of desire.

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...this is beautiful...let us be man and woman...i want to see you ...touch you ...say so much without saying a word...sigh. love it! excellent oneshot!

Beachanny said...

You seem to have written your soul in this love poem. I find them difficult. I've only written a few, none as revealing as this. Beautiful words and shared emotions. Kudos. Thanks.

Neva Flores said...

It is never too late for the starlight to embrace the moon...a beautiful soulful write.....

Bill Cook said...

Passionate. Captures and expresses an intense yearning.Very emotional. - Bill

Desert Rose said...

@Moondustwriter thank you so much Moon,i witnessed the birth of One stop and i really enjoy watching it growing up..happy to be part of it..:)

@Dustus monsoons always sound romantic to me,i love rains and this weather drift having you around always Adam..;)

@Brian miller thank you Brian..i am humbled,coming from means a lot :)

Desert Rose said...

@Talon for me to love is unconditionally..i try to,human nature is sometimes greedy and selfish,but the power of love is stronger that is what it is all about..:) thank you for coming dear,love having you in my sanctuary always..:)

@Monkey man thank you for the sweet comment :)

@Beachanny my heart pours in that one,like all my poems..they are all so precious to me..thank you for being so nice to them..:)

Desert Rose said...

@Neva flores thank you Neva..glad you enjoyed it :)

@Bill cook so much appreciated your nice words,thank you :)

Teresa said...

I just love that expression of desire and being able to hear without a word being said. Wonderful!

J. said...

Lots of emotion flowing from your words Desert Rose...

Well spoken and humbly received:)

ninotaziz said...

Dear Desert Rose,
Reading your poetry is like falling in love...

joanny said...

A rare quality you have to bare your soul and dig deep down and love from that place, laying open and vulnerable, such immense beauty and tension, in this poem, as all your poems. From the deepest self, that only a few know how to access, reveal and live and love from that place. Such a gem you are. You are our muse, our diva, teaching us through your words what is possible if we dare.
There is an award for you and my blog, for having an Outstanding blog

dulce said...

With The logic of insanity, I love that
And... all the rest
WOW these are real words of L O V E!

D. ;)

Anonymous said...

A beautifully written love poem. That guy would be nuts to walk away from you. :) But then again they can choose the easy way and long for the true way when its to late.

Anonymous said...

A love with no fences to keep it in. I love this. :)

SuziCate said...

I want to tell you so much
without having to say a word
in my silence i want you to hear me
like i feel your tears when they soak me
love me without questions
without answers to give
love me because you have no options
-This is fabulous, so much depth!

Anonymous said...

I feel this in glorious ways... This was truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing it at One Shot. Be Inspired Today! Love and Light, Sender

Anonymous said...

the power of love is the strongest thing made.... yes it is made and tougher then steel...

scented.. you know this work sets it all off as I have been looking into the whole scent thing... so many things happen with the right scent...

love is made and you make it just right...

Desert Rose said...

@Teresa thank you teresa,it is the way i feel love should be,for a while it needs to be heard without words..thanks for stopping by darling :)

Desert Rose said...

Thank you J, i only know how to flow from my glad it reached you well..:)

Desert Rose said...

awww that was so sweet of you to say nino..! i m really humbled..:) thank you :)

John's comments said...

Powerful, erotic, tender...Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my poem The final seaside trip. I hope you have a good week!

annell said...

Wonderful piece of great depth! Thanks

Eric Alder said...

Wonderful expressions of desire and longing here. I feel the aching of it. Well done!

Timoteo said...

What comes through in your writing is your passion! "Love me because you have no options"...what could be more passionate than that?

signed...bkm said...

Love that first line.."dripped in you scented lines"...nice read...blessings...bkm

Chris G. said...

You command a great deal of power over the expression of desire, your words...they are stirring, potent. A lot of passion in this--beautifully done!

Happy One Shot!

Claudia said...

very emotional and stirring writing...I want to tell you so much
without having to say a word…wow - so beautiful!


such magnificently beautiful thoughts feelings and words, dear desert rose! just magnificent! taking us each there to the moon and back - thank you!

and please forgive my tardiness in coming by - my days of late have found the weird bug i had returning with a vengeance plus my having two little ones every day and several nights a week - i am more than remiss with my visiting you and so many others! please do forgive! ;)

Pete Marshall said...

a beautiful romantic sensual write these so darn well..thanks for sharing with one shot.. cheers pete

Anonymous said...

Your poems are so full of longing and desire, and love! There is a raw romanticism in them, and that is really lovely!!! I so enjoyed reading this one... it took me places...
Great going, Desert Rose!

emily wierenga said...

chaotic is your love... i feel this with my lover, it's so complex and bold and faith-filled... thank you for this. you should link sometime to imperfect prose on thursdays. peace, e.

Anonymous said...

That was truly beautiful. Especially in its chaos.

buttercup said...

This has certainly stirred my soul..I felt every word. Such a pleasure come here my friend...your talent shines through xx

she said...

romanticly raw.

Temptress said...

Amazing! "I would ask for our love to live
in the legitimate plead of light"

I love this line. So beautifully said. Wow!

suja said...

Abeer your poetry just flows from you so beautifully, passionate and straight from the heart all unplugged. Kudos!
More power to your pen!

Nevine said...

Abeer, I especially loved the last few lines. There was so much chaos in the chaotic dreams, but then, when the starlight embraces the moon... you know... dreams do come true.

As chaotic as a tango, this... and equally beautiful. Big hugs from me to you, fi masr el amar... like I said... ya amar! ;-)


Anonymous said...

we can not come out of the darkness of ink
to sink... in the darkness of the night!

love these lines, Abeer

the whole piece reads like a waterfall

Mansoor Zia said...

The extreme opposites, the extreme attraction asked in a question, profound in a poem. It plays like an endless symphony in my ears. I see what i don't.

Beero You rock!

Anonymous said...

I simply wish to say that your written words are utterly alluring and they filled a void in me today.
Kindest thoughts,

Anonymous said...

so sweet of your dreams.. i hope will be realy..

Wild Rose said...

Such are the dreams we're made of and the chaos define each moment of of our lives. So beautifully written and loved the interlace in the the words and imagery. Thank you darling Queen sorry it took me long too and couldn't go without telling you you're special to us both~ xoxo

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